Conquering non blocking code with RxJava

“The thing is, non blocking communication in classic, imperative code can quickly turn into a unmaintainable swamp of threads and callbacks.” Frank Lyaruu is talking about non-blocking goodness that doesn’t trash your code at Voxxed Days Athens. We asked him when you’d need non-blocking code.   What are the situations


Actors and the Internet of (Lego) Things

Last year, Johan Janssen started a Lego Internet of Things project. Using Scala, Akka and Raspberry Pi, he controlled a Lego train set. At Voxxed Days Athens, Johan will live demo his project and discuss how to use Akka HTTP and actors. We asked him about the technology.   What is

Mobile & Web

Security Challenges with Novel Web Apps

Software security is becoming crucial nowadays, as the world is becoming more and more dependent on software. Bárbara Vieira and Theodoor Scholte are talking at Voxxed Days Athens about software security: we asked them what to watch out for.   What are the most common security pitfalls when developing a


Preparing to Present

How do top speakers prepare before a conference? Previously, we spoke to Hubert Sablonnière after he gave one of the top rated sessions at Devoxx Belgium. Before his debut at Devoxx UK, we asked him how we goes about preparing to present.   How do you go about preparing for

Cloud & Big Data

Memory and Microservices

Memory in a microservices architecture is tricky. Gayathri Thiyagarajan is speaking at Devoxx UK about this. We asked her if you need to think about memory differently for a microservices architecture, and why.   Do you need to think about memory differently for microservices? Microservices have many aspects such as operational complexity. So


What is Data Science?

It’s one of the highest paid jobs in tech: Data Scientist. This year, Matthew Renze is introducing Data Visualization with R at Devoxx UK. Ahead of his talk, we asked him about Data Science and the art of data manipulation.   What is data science and why is it important?