Latest Java SE 8 update and security fixes

Yesterday it was announced that Java SE 8u111 (SE 8 update 111) and Java SE 8u112 are available, and “Oracle strongly recommends that most Java SE users upgrade to the latest Java 8 update, which includes important security fixes.” See the October Advisory on security from Oracle. Java SE 8u111 is a critical


Setting up Scala on Android

This article was originally published over at the Codurance blog.   Scala can be used to build Android applications, as an alternative to Java or Kotlin. Unlike them, setting up an Android project in Scala with SBT is not straightforward, and can give us some headaches to get it right.

Mobile & Web

Hapi.js and MongoDB

During the Fullstack conference I saw a small project made with Hapi.js during a talk, so I decided to invest some time working with hapi in order to investigate how easy it was create a Node.js application with this framework. I’ve to admit, this is a framework that is really well


Chaotic Fridays: Chaos Engineering

In my first job, server problems could have severe consequences. The client-side software relying on the servers was used in doctor surgeries and hospitals throughout the UK. There was a special process for dealing with server problems that streamlined everything, including facilitating safely sprinting into the server room. Immediately after each

Cloud & Big Data

Akka 2.4.11: Remoting with Artery

Akka 2.4.11 was released two weeks ago. This release includes the new experimental Akka Remoting, codenamed ‘Artery’. The Actor Model This is a mathematical model of concurrent computation. “Actors” receive messages. They can decide how to respond, send a message in response, send more messages, and create more actors. The


The Lost Medium

Short extract from Daniel G. Siegel’s top rated talk at Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016. Please find the full transcript here. Today, over 3 billion people carry smartphones in their pockets. Computers are steadily getting smaller, cheaper and more capable. Countless industries have been reformed by the computer. And there are many