Crossing the Atlantic: What to learn at Devoxx US

The developer community conference is starting today in the US. Started by the Belgium Java User Group, Devoxx has come a long way, and now it is at the heart of Silicon Valley: San Jose. On January 23rd, we spoke to Program Chair Stephan Janssen about talks to look out for


Java 9 series: Segmented Code Cache

This week we’re looking at JEP 197: Segmented Code Cache as part of the Java 9 series: looking at some of the JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPS) hoping to make their way into Java 9. Last week we looked at multi-release JAR files: MRJARs. This week, we look at the proposal to spilt

Mobile & Web

Bidirectional Relationship Support in JSON

Ever tried to create a JSON data structure that includes entities that have a bidirectional relationship (i.e., circular reference)? If you have, you’ve likely seen a JavaScript error along the lines of “Uncaught TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON”. Or if you’re a Java developer who uses Jackson library, you


How to sabotage a microservice

David Schmitz is speaking at Voxxed Days Vienna about failure. Specifically, he offering advice on how to fail at microservices, everyone’s favourite buzzword. We asked him for more insights into how this is possible. What’s the quickest way to sabotage a microservice? Good sabotage is not about being quick. You

Cloud & Big Data

Understanding Serverless Cloud and Clear

By Martijn van Dongen. Serverless is considered the successor to containers. And while it’s heavily promoted as the next great thing, it’s not the best fit for every use case. Understanding the pitfalls and disadvantages of serverless will make it much easier to identify use cases that are a good fit.


Combining AI and IoT at home

“What will happen when we will learn how to combine AI, IoT and general tools?” On 2nd March, Karina Popova will answer this question at Voxxed Days Bristol. We asked her where we are with IoT and AI, and what trends we can expect in 2017.   Are we at