Crossing the Atlantic: What to learn at Devoxx US

The developer community conference is starting today in the US. Started by the Belgium Java User Group, Devoxx has come a long way, and now it is at the heart of Silicon Valley: San Jose. On January 23rd, we spoke to Program Chair Stephan Janssen about talks to look out for


Domain Specific Simplicities

Domain Specific Languages can be mysterious beasts. Federico Tomassetti is giving at talk at Voxxed Days Ticino about how to build DSLs in a simple and pragmatic way. We asked him who could benefit from them. Why do we need DSLs, and why are they important? Domain Specific Languages are

Mobile & Web

Laying things out with Flexbox

Need to layout your CSS? Emily Meroni and Giorgia Baroffio are giving a talk at Voxxed Days Ticino about Flexbox. We asked them what this is, and when you’d use it.   What is Flexbox and what problems does it solve? Flexbox is a layouting model introduced by CSS3 quite


Meet and Greet Duchess

“Duchess helps women to connect and to get the courage to take the next step.” Kim Spiritus is an active member of Duchess, a global organisation for women in Java technology. If you haven’t heard of it before, at Devoxx UK in a few weeks Kim and Regina ten Bruggencate

Cloud & Big Data

Understanding Serverless Cloud and Clear

By Martijn van Dongen. Serverless is considered the successor to containers. And while it’s heavily promoted as the next great thing, it’s not the best fit for every use case. Understanding the pitfalls and disadvantages of serverless will make it much easier to identify use cases that are a good fit.


Machine Learning APIs

Machine Learning (ML) is “Teaching computers to recognize patterns in the same way our brains do.” At Devoxx UK 2017, Sara Robinson is talking about Machine Learning as an API. We asked her more about this.   Do you need a background in Machine Learning to get the most from