Building a Web UI for PostgreSQL Databases in Plain Java

This guide walks you through the process of connecting to PostgreSQL databases from Java web applications using MyBatis and Spring Framework. The UI part will be built using Vaadin Framework which allows you to build modern single-page web apps with only Java. When connecting to databases from Java applications, there


Reasons for Java Developers to Play with Kotlin

Konstantin Bulenkov gives us a briefing on everything new with IntelliJ IDEA, and why JetBrains decided to go down the road of building a C# IDE. We also chat about newly GA in-house JVM language Kotlin, and why the company believes it provides a more efficient substitute for Java in

Mobile & Web

Migrate from Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) in Android

Google Firebase is a platform providing cloud services for building mobile and web applications, and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) is a part of it. FCM is the new version of Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). It is not necessary to migrate from GCM to FCM as support will still be there


Harnessing Domain Driven Design in Distributed Systems Development – Part I

This post is an extension to the session I presented at Devoxx UK in June, alongside my colleague Andrew Harmel-Law. Our insights were driven by the experience of building a client microservice architecture, a project that evolved from a single microservice build into one involving microservice to microservice communication and

Cloud & Big Data

Labels and Constraints with Docker Daemon and Service

Metadata, such as labels, can be attached to Docker daemon. A label is a key/value pair and allows the Docker host to be a target of containers. The semantics of labels is completely defined by the application. A new constraint can be specified during service creation targeting the tasks on a particular host. Let’s


Double Trouble : Interview with a pair of Pepper Robots at Devoxx UK

Voxxed met Pepper and Pepper during day one of Devoxx UK 2016 and caught up on developments at SoftBank Robotics, talked about (not yet) meeting the Queen and whether there’s a need for contingency plans if robots replace a vast swathe of the human workforce. If you want to know