JavaOne roundup

JavaOne is over for another year. For those of us unlucky enough to be stuck at home or work, here is a Voxxed roundup of last week’s events complete with links to session recordings.   Java EE is on the table In the JavaOne opening keynote, we were assured that Oracle is listening and


Competing for resources: The JVM, Kubernetes and Docker

At Devoxx UK 2016 Arun Gupta interviewed Christopher Batey, a freelance developer in London, for Voxxed. They talked about the JVM, Kubernetes and Docker competing for resources, multitenany and its issues before Christoper’s Devoxx presentation. You’re giving a talk tomorrow on running JVMs inside containers. Do you mean Linux containers

Mobile & Web

Gluon VM: Ahead of Time

Today Gluon have announced an exciting new development with the Gluon VM project: the Ahead of Time compiler. After the acquisition and winding down of RoboVM, there was a fear that it would be the end of Java on mobile. In RoboVM’s absence, Gluon VM grew. Gluon VM is a next-generation virtual machine designed


Learning Programming through Osmosis

I identify mostly as a non-programmer. Yet two weeks into a new job I’m already learning and contributing to Python and C++ -code in detail. The method that enables me to do this is mob programming. This is the idea of having a group of people working together on one computer on

Cloud & Big Data

Deployment Pipeline using Docker, Jenkins, Java and Couchbase

This blog explains how to create a Deployment Pipeline using Jenkins and Docker for a Java application talking to a database. Jenkins support the creation of pipelines. They are built with simple text scripts that use a Pipeline DSL (domain-specific language) based on the Groovy programming language. The script, typically called Jenkinsfile,


Waiting on a query: Non-blocking Database Access

Last week at JavaOne, Oracle Database JDBC Architect Douglas Surber gave a talk about what is next for JDBC. There was an advance look at a possible new Java standard for accessing SQL databases: a non-blocking API. This would be a separate API that gives access to the same databases