Ramping down: JDK9 is Feature Extension Complete

Yesterday Oracle’s chief architect of the Java platform Mark Reinhold announced that JDK 9 is Feature Extension Complete. JDK 9 is Feature Complete — now it’s time to ramp down: #java #openjdk #jdk9 #jigsaw — Mark Reinhold (@mreinhold) January 19, 2017 Now we are in the ramp-down phase. This


Java 9 series: Segmented Code Cache

This week we’re looking at JEP 197: Segmented Code Cache as part of the Java 9 series: looking at some of the JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPS) hoping to make their way into Java 9. Last week we looked at multi-release JAR files: MRJARs. This week, we look at the proposal to spilt

Mobile & Web

Approaching Outside-In TDD on Android: Part II

This article was originally published over at the Codurance blog. In the previous post, we introduced the Bank kata. We explained how we are going to implement it in Android, reviewed the different kinds of tests that we use in Outside-in and transformed a user story into a bunch of


Pipeline as code: Continuous Delivery pipelines with Jenkins 2

In the past 10 years, Jenkins has evolved to the de-facto standard tool for automation in software development. Last year, the first major Jenkins version since years was released: Jenkins 2. In this article you’ll read what’s new. Introduction Jenkins has over 120.000 active installations. For 90% of the users,

Cloud & Big Data

Microservice using AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda and Couchbase

This blog has explained the following concepts for serverless applications so far: Serverless FaaS with AWS Lambda and Java AWS IoT Button, Lambda and Couchbase The third blog in serverless series will explain how to create a simple microservice using Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda and Couchbase. Read previous blogs for more context on


Three new JEPs

This week Mark Reinhold submitted three brand new JEPs (JDK Enhancement Proposal). JEP 300: Augment Use-Site Variance with Declaration-Site Defaults JEP 301: Enhanced Enums JEP 302: Lambda Leftovers These proposals are enhancements to the JDK (Java Development Kit) and OpenJDK. A long term roadmap for the JDK projects, a look