Java Finalizers

Object’s finalize() methods are as old as Java. But its implementation details and performance implications remain misunderstood (if not unknown) by many Java developers. At Devoxx US on the 22nd March, Gautam Singh will be giving his Finalizers – The not so good, the bad the ugly talk. He will share his


Java 9 series: Segmented Code Cache

This week we’re looking at JEP 197: Segmented Code Cache as part of the Java 9 series: looking at some of the JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPS) hoping to make their way into Java 9. Last week we looked at multi-release JAR files: MRJARs. This week, we look at the proposal to spilt

Mobile & Web

10 Android Interview Questions and Answers: Part II

Enrique López-Mañas, speaking at Voxxed Days Zurich, has written a book with basic, intermediate and advanced questions and answers for Android interviews. Following on from Part I, this is an extract of some of the questions and answers from “100 Questions and Answers to help you land your Dream Android Job:


Complex Refactoring Part III

This article was originally published over at the Codurance blog. In the last of three videos, Matthew Butt of Codurance demonstrates how to compose simple automated refactoring steps in ReSharper to refactor code to better designs. In this episode we identify three classes that are being used in the same way.

Cloud & Big Data

Trends in the Cloud: Cloud-Based Security

By William Hurley from Astadia Adoption and use of cloud-based software engineering platforms will accelerate in 2017. Teams have been working in the cloud for a few years now, but in 2017, the trend will gain far more momentum as senior engineering staff and service providers realise and document the benefits of


Outsmarting the Smart Meter

A year or so ago, my energy meter at home got replaced with a “smart” one. Smart, in this context, means it periodically sends energy usage data over GPRS to a central registration server. This central service is in turn used by various websites where you can register your meter