Issues with the Module System

Yesterday, Mark Reinhold published ‘Java Platform Module System: Issue Summary‘. This is a rundown of the issues that need to be investigated before Project Jigsaw is complete. We have covered some of the fundamental issues delaying Project Jigsaw in How do you solve a problem like Java 9 modules and reflective


Java 9 series: Segmented Code Cache

This week we’re looking at JEP 197: Segmented Code Cache as part of the Java 9 series: looking at some of the JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPS) hoping to make their way into Java 9. Last week we looked at multi-release JAR files: MRJARs. This week, we look at the proposal to spilt

Mobile & Web

Approaching Outside-In TDD on Android

This article was originally published over at the Codurance blog. Outside-in Test-Driven Development (TDD) can be a challenge to implement. In this 3-part post series, Christian and I would like to share our experiences applying it to Android development and offer some practical tips for doing so yourself. In this


Serial learning, artist studios and craftmen’s workshops

Hackergarten is “a craftmen’s workshop, classroom, a laboratory, a social circle, a writing group, a playground, and an artist’s studio.” A way to enrich conferences, or a stand alone event, Ixchel Ruiz and the Hackergarten team have been touring the Devoxx conferences. We caught up with Ixchel Ruiz at Devoxx Morocco 2016 to ask her

Cloud & Big Data

Bridging Unisys MAPPER to Cloud-Ready Java

By John Dandeneau, vice president of marketing and business development at Astadia. MAPPER (MAintain, Prepare, and Produce Executive Reports) is a database management and processing system. Today, most see MAPPER as an increasingly costly application that is preventing the modernizing of legacy systems. Typically, the only way available to convert MAPPER to a more


2017 Technology Predictions

While 2016 may be remembered for its unexpected political outcomes, the technology news has also seen its fair share of publicity. A year that will be remembered for the forced ‘upgrade’ to Windows 10, the short-lived phenomenon that was Pokémon Go! and Apple removing the headphone jack from the iPhone,