Can the concepts of Git, Maven, Java, NetBeans, modularity, etc overwhelm a 10-year old ? Apparently not! Minecraft is a multi-player game about building and placing blocks in a three-dimensional environment. The game was originally built in Java but has been ported to other platforms. The game allows modifications (known as “mods”) that can change the game from what it was originally written. My son has been playing the game for the past few months. I got excited to know that the the most popular way to build these mods is using a Java API. This session will share my experience of how my son taught me Minecraft and I taught him how to build a mod. In the process, I taught him workspace, IDE, and agile concepts. He also learned maven, git, and NetBeans. I will also share how his Alice and Greenfoot experience helped him pick up Java concepts easily. Attendees will learn a path that can be followed to introduce kids to programming in Java, something that they’ll enjoy and proudly share with their friends.

Teaching Java to a 10 year old

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