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cupAkin to the T-rex in Jurassic Park (arguably the hero of the piece, in our opinion), when Java founder James Gosling makes moves in the sector, everyone knows about it. So it was no surprise that the Twittersphere was ablaze when the news broke that Gosling and fellow Java hero Bruno Souza would be joining Java and PHP  PaaS and IaaS specialists Jelastic in the roles of independent director and advisor.

As the company blog notes, 53% of Jelastic users are Java developers, and Jelastic positions itself as the only cloud company with a Java foundation, so it’s a natural move to have these two Rock Stars come aboard to help push their technology forward in this respect.

In addition, Dr Gosling is a long-term aficionado of Jelastic, notably applying their PaaS technology in Liquid Robotic’s ocean going Wave Glider robots. In a talk back in 2012, Gosling explained that, because he wanted to avoid the liabilities that come intertwined with special APIs or ISPs, he saw Jelastic as a great choice, also noting that he was a fan of the Jelastic PaaS setup, backend, and UI. Coming on board to help drive a technology of which he’s an enthusiastic user therefore seems like an intuitive move.

Bruno Souza explains that his decision to pivot towards Jelastic is rooted in a shared philosophy of giving developers the ability to make choices. He credits the company with helping him change the way he sees cloud infrastructure, adding that, “Jelastic’s Java-based implementation shows the power of Java technology. Giving developers the freedom to leave gives us the confidence to choose to stay. This is the power of the Java ecosystem. The power of choice. I’m very happy to be more directly involved in the future of Jelastic.”

Looking ahead to 2015, the company write that they have plans to sharpen their focus on Java to make development “even more dynamic” by ultimately empowering devs to reload all configurations and setting without having to restart their apps or JVM to work on desktop apps in the cloud.

To this end, Jelastic CEO Ruslan Synytsky explained in an interview with InfoQ that Gosling will bring “expertise and advice regarding Java in the cloud, marketing and business strategies” to the table. On Souza’s part, he’ll providing in-depth analysis and advice for improvements for the Jelastic platform, as well as suggestions on ways to engage the sprawling Java community.

PaaS has had some public knocks in recent months, with pioneers CloudBees taking a step back from what they deemed an ‘immature’ market to focus on Jenkins fuelled Continuous Integration. Moreover, Docker, a game changer for formerly beleaguered PaaS vendors dotCloud, has further turned the screws  by providing a lot of the functionality you’d get with the technology, but without the focus on infrastructure, and at a far lower pricing point.

Along with being a huge boost for the large numbers of Java devs working with Jelastic, the endorsement of Gosling and Souza for the software is no doubt a welcome ray of sunshine for those in the sector working to bat down the “PaaS is dead” flame wars that seem to have become increasingly frequent in 2014.

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Boost for PaaS as Java-Father Gosling Joins Jelastic

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