Throughout the years, we’ve seen a few Android-related presentations at Scala Days. However, the current state of the art has remained unclear: is it just a mad fancy, or is indeed Scala the modern mobile developer’s dream? This talk covers the matter in depth, along with tales of joy and frustration, and focuses on the following three topics:

SBT plugins
IDE support
Using library projects
Fitting into memory / method count limits with ProGuard
Pain points and best practices
Scala 2.11’s SAM support
lazy vals and reactive extensions meet UI lifecycle
Options are cool
Cherishing the UI thread: futures, execution contexts, scala-async, and Akka
Being productive with Scaloid and Macroid
MACROID (disclosure: I’m the author)
An experimental GUI DSL for Android
Clean layout structure with macros and typeclasses
True modularity and composability
Advanced features: functor goodness, dataflow-style animations, functional reactive programming
LIVE CODING (if any time left)
A very short demo of creating and running a simple app. Filmed at Scala Days 2014.

Presentation: Scala + Android

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