Java is an object-oriented kingdom where ORMs have flourished. This episode explores key myths and preconceptions about ORMs in a NoSQL and polyglot era. Join this journey to challenge these myths and find out if they are busted, plausible, or confirmed. Among the myths addressed:

• Once you have chosen a NoSQL product, you don’t need any other.
• JPA is not suited to nonrelational databases.
• Objects don’t fit in the data structures of NoSQL solutions.
• ORMs cannot abstract the underlying NoSQL models.
• ORMs speed things up at runtime.
• The query language of NoSQL cannot be abstracted.
• You need access to the native API to make real use of NoSQL.
• ORMs don’t bring much value in an NoSQL world.

Come and debate!

Filmed at JavaOne 2014

Presentation: MythBusters: ORMs and NoSQL—Good or Bad?

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