Liquid Robotics is an American ocean data services provider. On its own it looks impressive, especially given that they are the people developing the Wave Glider, an autonomous, environmentally powered ocean-going platform for gathering and remotely transmitting information about the surface of the ocean.
They gather info such as water temperature, and the atmospheric conditions above live wind speed.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, their Chief Software Architect is none other than Java-father James Gosling.

Next week’s vJUG session will be a talk on “Java and the Wave Glider with James Gosling”. Make sure you sign up to join 300+ users from all over the world.

Java and the Wave Glider with James Gosling

Thursday, Jan 22, 2015, 5:00 PM

No location yet.

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vJUG – Java and the Wave Glider with James Gosling

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