One of the pressing issues for IoT (Internet of Things) developers to resolve is establishing a standard for security. As we saw at ThingMonk, where two speakers raised the topic of the first IoT murder (think someone hacking your boiler, for example), there’s a huge impetus for putting in place protocols sooner rather later. Open hardware makers ARM has taken a step in the right direction this week with the acquisition of Dutch IoT firm Offspark.

ARM’s IoT manager Krisztian Flautner, commented;  “PolarSSL technology is already deployed by the leading IoT players… The fact that those same companies also use the ARM Cortex processor and software technologies means we are now able to provide a complete bedrock solution for the industry to innovate from.”

Offspark is known for their protocol PolarSSL (which will be re-Christened ARM Mbed TLS)  – a commonly used IoT security layer that comes packed with an arsenal of security and cryptography functions. With this new acquisition under its belt,  ARM will be able to offer a complete toolkit for devs in this field.

Company CEO Paul Bakker chimed added that, “Security is the most fundamental aspect in ensuring people trust IoT technology and that is only possible with a truly tailored solution… Together, ARM and Offspark can provide security to the edge of any system and we look forward to working with our partners to help them deliver some exciting new projects.”

It’s been a good week for ARM, which posted a 25% spike in Q4 revenue, largely thanks to record sales of the iPhone 6. The company claims the 95% of  all devices and tablets incorporate ARM processors into their builds, and with the company rapidly chiseling into the IoT space, ARM has earmarked this area and Smartwatches as key money spinners in the year ahead.

ARM Adds Notch to IoT Security Tool Belt

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