For those not yet in the know, Voxxed Days are events run by local communities who want to bring a dose of Devoxx flavour to their neighbourhood. Voxxed Days Vienna, which took place last Friday, was our inaugural event, and was hosted by Grzegorz Duda, organiser of Devoxx Poland, with support from local community leaders Dominik Dorn and Helmuth Breitenfellner.

Proceedings kicked off with unexpectedly good coffee and an excellent keynote presentation on Polyglot Data by the eternally energetic Greg Young. It all took place across a reserved concourse of a cinema complex, meaning excellent session rooms for speakers and attendees alike.


There was plenty of space to hang out in the hallway, all of the rooms were next door to one another (no lengthy or rushed walks to get to the next session), coffee and cold drinks were always just a few paces away and, if you had a question, you could find an organiser without hassle. There’s something outstanding about conferences in cinemas. As an attendee you get super comfortable seats, plenty of legroom and unobstructed views of the screen. With the screens being so big, visually following the presenter is simple.

With an audience of 195 attendees, this venue felt more than adequate. I could easily imagine the next Voxxed Days Vienna growing to over 300 people – maybe even 400 – in this same space, and it still feeling comfortably intimate. And that’s something I believe people appreciate about smaller format events. With 25 top speakers present, everyone could feel like they’d had an up-close-and-personal experience with them. Let’s face it, not everyone wants to question a speaker in front of a vast crowd, but when you’re able to grab them in the hallway and spend some quality time chatting, that’s solid gold.

After the keynote, attendees could choose from four talks in each of the next time slots – a veritable feast of tech talk goodness. Rather than focus on the intricacies of the content in this post, I would invite attendees to write up your learnings from individual sessions and share them with the community on Voxxed too. All of the sessions were recorded and will be available on Parleys and Voxxed soon.

The day was rounded off with a beer social, sponsored by Typesafe. It was the perfect way cap it all off, and a majority of attendees chose to stay for the extra few hours, reflecting on what they’d learnt.

Overall, this was a very positive premiere Voxxed Days conference – and if Twitter is anything to go by, a sentiment shared by those who participated.

These events are bringing top-drawer content to local audiences and making sure knowledge is shared far and wide – after all, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a Devoxx or a JavaOne happening in their neighbourhood.

As each is organized locally they will all have a different flavour, and different structure. Regional curators lend their own individual perspectives, and allow us to provide perfectly pitched events for each location. Follow a barnstorming Vienna, I can’t wait to sample the delights of southern Switzerland when Voxxed Days Ticino rolls into town on 18th April. Check out our chat with Team Ticino for a hint of what’s in store!

Please note that we had some issues with the mic, so the sound in our recordings isn’t as crystal clear as we would like. Apologies in advance if you have any trouble deciphering the audio.

Voxxed Days Begin: Our Report from Vienna

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