Writing e-mail is easy. We do it all the time. Writing documentation, on the other hand, is hard. We practically have to force ourselves to do it. Of the two, documentation has a much greater impact on our success and the success of our projects. Why, then, do we make it more difficult by burying the content in XML or struggling with finicky WSYWIG editors? What if you could write documentation just as you write email? Forget about the layout and styling and just let the thoughts flow? That’s the idea behind lightweight markup languages such as AsciiDoc. They provide a plain text syntax designed for humans–easy to edit, read, version and share in raw form. AsciiDoc goes further by satisfying even the most advanced technical semantics and publishing requirements. AsciiDoc is a capable shorthand alternative to DocBook and can produce beautiful HTML 5, ePub and PDF output–even slides! Follow the lead of authors. Filmed at Devoxx 2013.

Discover The Zen Of Writing (Ascii)Docs

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