Whilst a nice work-life balance is a valuable commodity in itself these days, those solid gold MacBooks and tiger skin hoodies don’t pay for themselves – so it’s useful to know which technology skills you should be channeling your efforts into if you want to rake it in. Luckily job hub Dice.com has just published their 2015 Salary Survey listing the top paid tech skills, gleaned from a survey of 23,470 IT bods in autumn 2014.

Here are the top 30 best compensated tech skills that you might want to use to pad out your LinkedIn (well, if you’re not enjoying enough recruiter spam as it is);

Rank Tech Skill Average Salary ($)
1 PaaS (Platform as a Service) 130,081
2 Cassandra 128,646
3 MapReduce 127,315
4 Cloudera 126,816
5 HBase 126,369
6 Pig 124,563
7 ABAP 124,262
8 Chef 123,458
9 Flume 123,186
10 Hadoop 121,313
11 Hive 120,873
12 Puppet 120,072
13 NoSQL 118,587
14 Zookeeper 118,567
15 SOA 118,518
16 Data Architect 118,104
17 Solr 117,394
18 Data Scientist 116,939
19 Big Data 116,414
20 OpenStack 116,047
21 CMMI 115,467
22 R 115,121
23 CloudStack 115,043
24 OmniGraffle 114,667
25 Arista 114,657
26 Documentum 114,494
27 UML 114,372
28 Sqoop 114,328
29 JDBC 114,234
30 RDMS 114,100

What’s interesting about these figures is that more than a few of the skills topping the table are those currently derided by trend-makers as old news (Hadoop, we’re talking about you), or in the case of PaaS, effectively dead in the water. In fact, in Hadoop’s case, eight entries in this table spawn directly from the software.

And whilst SOA currently ranks at number 15, with the rise and rise of evangelism across the sector, developers with this skill who enjoyed an 8.7% increase in take-home pay last year may want to consider brushing up on their microservices reading. Although NoSQL continues to gain new admirers, standing at number 13 in the chart, the huge number of enterprises relying on traditional vanilla RDMS means that working with these systems can still yield a nice reward, coming in at number 30 on this list.

Finally, given the incredible proliferation of the language in all corners of industry, we’re not surprised to see Java technology JDBC creeping in at 29. Apparently, pay for this skill has climbed 11% in the past year alone




Hadoop and PaaS Skills Among Most Rewarded in Tech

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