Super-heroic JavaScript MVW framework is rapidly gaining ground as a de-facto choice web development tool for many a programmer. In this interview, Raphaël Vercruyssen explains why Dutch company InfoSupport opted to teach it to its employees.

Voxxed: What kind of experience did you have with AngularJS before diving into the course?

RaphVercruyssen: I’ve been working with it for two months now, but before we hadn’t really used it. The trend now is that increasingly customers are asking for projects written in it though, so we realised we had to pick it up.

Part of our process at our company to get to know technologies better is to write a course about it, and we have a couple of people in-house who become specialised in it, and then they can go and share the knowledge with the rest of the company.

This approach certainly helps because any time you have a problem, you can just message colleagues. It’s really great to get projects moving, and if they don’t know, they’ll be able to connect you with someone who does.

How are you finding AngularJS to work with so far?

So far I’m really enjoying it. I used to write apps in KnockoutJS – which is also a data binding framework – but AngularJS is really more of the complete package that was really missing on the web. It has everything from routing to data binding to the fact that everything is testable. We can write big apps and really full-scale web applications with it. Instead of going serverside, we can go client side, which is obviously a lot faster. Everything is testable – and that’s a big part of our development culture – so it’s really working out great so far.

Are you mainly a JavaScript developer?

Last year I had a project that used Silverlight and a .Net back-end. I also worked on a small part of an Angular application for internal use. But I’ve been building web apps and web pages since I was about 13, so nine years now, and I’ve been working at this company for almost two years. In the past year, I’ve really been focusing on the web, so for example with Angular and ASP, MVC, and all these technologies combined.

You’ve been writing for the web for a while – how are you seeing technologies evolving?

Obviously I love JavaScript – and there are new frameworks for everything every week, but we’re also seeing frameworks maturing alongside this. Angular is already in version 1.4, and soon, at least in the near future, 2.0 is coming, and that’s really going to be the start of something new. Frameworks are getting more sophisticated, not just jumping on the new hype train, which from a business point of view, doesn’t offer much value for customers.

You were one of the guinea pigs for Yoeri Van Damme’s Parleys course – how have you found it as an AngularJS newbie?

I was one of the first people to follow to internally review it – I was actually learning Angular at the time. When I learn something new, I like to look at the documentation, and then I started with the Parleys course. I really liked that it had a hands-on approach. I can’t watch a tutorial and not do any of it at all. I can go about five minutes, and then I have to try it myself, going back to look if I have to. I like to learn in iterations, so it suited me really well.





Why Pick Up AngularJS?

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