As a professional tribe, developers are epitomised by creativity, experimentation, and a really strong tendency to get distracted by cats. And it seems that it was these same instincts for independent learning that propelled many into their roles, with 48% of respondents in a the latest Stack Overflow dev survey lacking a degree in computer science.

Although the survey encompassed 26,086 people from over 157 countries, it was naturally biased towards English speakers. In reality, with the explosion of MOOCs (massive open online course) in BRIC nations, this figure is likely to be even higher.

Whilst the study reveals a Grand Canyon scale gap in gender representation remains, with 92.1% of respondents identifying as male, encouragingly, the 5.8% females who took the survey were almost twice as likely to have less than two years of programming experience. Stack Overflow are hopeful that this signals a new wave of women entering the industry (though, as statistics show, retention may be as great an issue for the industry as recruitment).

In terms of language battles, JavaScript came out on top in terms of most frequently used, raking in 54.4% of votes, followed by SQL at 48% and Java at 37.4%.  However, it was newbie Swift that took the crown as ‘Most Loved’ technology or language, followed by C++11 and Rust. On the other side of the coin, 73.2% expressed no desire in starting or continuing to develop with Salesforce.

As we’ve seen before, those with skills in niche or buzzy new technologies such as big data and cloud are raking in the highest salaries. Overall, Objective-C, Node.js, and C# scripting jobs top the charts  for developer pay around the world. Remote workers appear to be doing the best out of everyone, totting up around 40% extra in their wage packets than those who never work away from the office.

And if you’ve ever wondered why all your fellow conference attendees look so baby faced, it’s because the average programmer was born in April 1986, making them approximately 28.9 years old. In India, this falls to as low as 25. Like any other millennial dominated demographic, the programmers in this survey enjoy a constant buzz, taking in an average of 2.2 servings of caffeine a day.


Majority of Developers Salesforce-Fearing Autodidacts

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