It’s been a busy week for the company who will shortly no longer be known as Typesafe with the trial launch of ConductR 1.0 (more on that later) and a declaration of intent to rebrand.

On Monday, the Reactive/Scala people published a blog post explaining that they are currently seeking a new name, and in the spirit of being good open sourcers, are looking to the community for answers.

Given that Typesafe have been slowly pivoting away from JVM language Scala as their primary business interest for some time now, it seems a natural step to forge an identity less tied to the language. There’s been a spike of interest from the developer community around other Typesafe technologies like Play, Akka, Slick and Apache SparkPlay, Akka, Slick and Hadoop trouncing Apache Spark, and whilst Scala continues to gain adoption, it’s lacked the critical mass to drive it to the dizzying heights of Java or JavaScript.

With the company’s strong background in driving open source, President and CEO Mark Brewer writes that Typesafe are seeking to open the process up to their community at large. The goal of this is twofold; first, they want to make it clear why the company is undergoing a renaming, and second, to make the reasoning behind the final result as clear as possible.

All this will be driven in part by open source oriented branding firm New Kind, as well as non-managerial Typesafe staff. There’s already a lively discussion going on under the blogpost, but if Typesafe want our two cents, and we’re sure they’re on the edge of their seats, we think they should go with an unpronounceable symbol in the manner of Prince. But that might be why we’re not branding consultants.

Anyway. This week also marked the announcement of the first trial release of ConductR. Announced back in March, ConductR is a commercial Reactive management tool for dealing with distributed applications in clusters. The tool will automate resilient and elastic deployments, deploy cluster-ready, proxy-based production releases, instantiate isolated and redundant application instances, and allow for dynamic discovery for “anywhere” services.

According to Typesafe, the overarching aim of ConductR is to address the challenges that go hand in hand with Reactive applications, prioritising system responsiveness and uptime, whilst anticipating failure. In particular, it will allow operations to smoothly deploy and manage Typesafe Reactive Platform apps on clusters, whilst exploiting “the benefits of Reactive systems.” If you’d like to have a play, you can jump into a trial here.    

Company Soon-to-Be-Formerly-Known-as-Typesafe Rolls Out ConductR 1.0

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  • Steven Dobay

    “Given that Typesafe have been slowly pivoting away from JVM language Scala as their primary business interest for some time now…”
    Sounds more like FUD than a real point…

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