Although it might feel like you just got round to downloading 8u51, Oracle have just pushed out the latest update for Java – 8u60 – which is now available to download. Whilst this release is largely bug fixes, there have also been some tunings to Nashorn and changes in Deployment Rule Set v1.2.

Within JavaScript engine Nashorn, there have been some documentation updates due to recent enhancements to the feature, as well as a few improvements. Generally, Java libraries that manipulate JSON-parsed objects usually expect arrays to expose the java.util.List interface. Now, if you want to  expose your JavaScript objects so that arrays are exposed as lists instead of  maps, you can use the Java.asJSONCompatible(obj)function, where obj is the root of your JSON object tree.

Version 1.2 of the Deployment Rule Sets also comes sprinkled with a few new add-ons, including Advanced Management Console (AMC), which has now been unleashed in Java. With the console, the usage tracking of various Java applications can be configured in Windows or other platforms. This is enabled by the Deployment Rule Set using different installed on the client versions of Java through Applet and Web Start applications.

There’s now support for ARMv8 64-bit, which should please quite a few people in the community. If you need device support information, we  recommend heading over to the  Java SE Development Kit Downloads page. It should be noted that in JDK, Native Memory Tracking support is limited. The Java command line option XX:NativeMemoryTracking=detail is not supported for ARM targets, and instead, developers should use the following: XX:NativeMemoryTracking=summary

Finally, thanks to the addition of XX:=PreserveFramePointer, you can now create wizard looking mixed-mode Java flame graphs like this:

You can find the release notes for 8u60 in full here, or if you’d prefer to jump straight into a download, go here.


Bug Killing Java Release 8u60 Now Available

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