Android to iOS is a thorny path, and whilst there have been many challengers, a decisive solution for porting Java to Apple world has yet to emerge. Intel has also thrown its hat into the ring recently, and announced a new set of features for its Integrated Native Development Experience (INDE) developer tools platform this week at Android Developer Conference Boston. This suite of developer C++/Java native developer tools is specifically designed for creating cross operating system, media-rich applications with its natty multi-OS engine.



According to Jeff McVeigh, general manager of performance client and visual computing at Intel, with the features packed into INDE, Intel hope to ease developer man hours and annoyance when they’re working to push out multi-platform releases. With the UI the major pain point in terms of rewrites, Alex Handy reports that in some cases, there’s no need to rewrite the logic portions of an app, even if a few select UI layer adjustments need to be made to tailor apps for specific platforms.

McVeigh commented that projects utilising INDE can expect to see 60% code reuse on average across the top 25 non-game Android apps, racking up an impressive two years in saved time, although results will depend on the way you’ve separated your code, what libraries you’re employing, and the logic you’re using.

INDE, which first launched last October, comes packed with a collection of “best-in-class” tools to help make the arduous process of developing cross-platform applications that bit easier by taking advantage of the underlying platform. This includes environment setup (IDE integration for Android), compilers, common function libraries optimizsd for each platform, debugging tools, and analysis and optimisation tools. If this sounds like something you’d like to take for a spin, you can download an early-access beta of the INDE supporting multi-platform deployment today.


Intel Offers Bunny Hop Between Java and iOS

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