Java – like many popular languages – is in a constant state of change. By the end of the week, a large amount of the JavaOne 2015 coverage will no doubt hone in on potential features for Java 10 and 11. Whilst there are plenty of helpful additions in the pipeline ahead though, there’s always scope for new features. This week, Redditors have been drawing up a list of the things they’d most like to see changed in Java. Whilst for some the wheels of changes are already in motion (accessible classes and methods within the scope of package and subpackages, for example, coming in Java 9), there are some other interesting points. We’ve highlighted some of the ideas below. What would you change in Java if you had infinite power over the platform? (Advance warning: Suggestions to “Kill it with fire” will be discounted.)

Meh to Optional

Optional has been a flashpoint for debate for some time now, as a recent exchange between Java Rock Star Richard Warburton and Java Language Architect Brian Goetz shows.

You can make an argument either way (which is why the issue rumbles on and on), but in this particular thread, the overall consensus is more apathy, with one developer commenting, “I don’t think it adds anything useful in Java where it’s not used everywhere already.”

Kill Primitive Types

Concerned by mess primitives can cause, one user makes this rather controversial suggestion. Not outright you understand – just when developers can use objects instead.


Used in languages like Python for grouping unnamed but ordered values, tuples would, one Redditor suggests, be a “sick” addition to the language.

Get Scala-esque “Case Class”

schlowmo comments; “I would love to see something sort of like the “case class” in scala. Basically a super lightweight way to define a class with getters/setters/toString/hashCode/equals. All nicely and simply predefined for you.”


As Java has grown up, naturally, it’s become more weighty with features. A couple of developers express concerns that, over the years, the language has lost some of the early simplicity that made it so appealing. PaulRivers10 frets, “What we see now is features being added sometimes it seems like “just to make Java sound cool”. Like the for/each loop….Other things just don’t work imo being bolted on afterwards – Optional for example…My worst fear with Java is that it will become a big bloated mess (more so than it is already) as extra “features” are tacked onto it.”


Java Developers Lay Out Their Hopes, Wishes and Dreams

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