If you’re anything like us, you’ll have had JavaOne marked in your calendar for some time now, primed and ready for the tsunami of  announcements that vendors have been storing up to unleash at the big event. However, with Devoxx BE and Morocco both taking place in November, this year, a trip to the states is off the agenda for us. Not to worry though – if you too will be attending the event vicariously through the web, this year promises to be a game changer for remote attendees. For the first time ever, along with the keynotes, Oracle will be live streaming from a selection of the session rooms throughout the week, allowing everyone to experience the magic of the international Java community in full throttle – and you don’t even have to put on any pants. We’ll be embedding the sessions on this page once it all kicks off, with daily updates and analysis. Be sure to bookmark this page to make sure you don’t miss any of the action! (Note, all times listed in PST).

Golden Gate 6/7/8 9:0010:30



Having Fun with JavassistGluon: JavaFX for the (Mobile) Enterprise

Java 8 in Anger

Functional Reactive Programing: UI Development Beyond MVC/MVP



Mission 9:0010:30



Using Java SE 8 with Java EE 7 in the Real WorldMigrating to TomEE and Java EE: A Success Story

Apache Lucene for Java EE Developers

Innovating Democracy with Java EE and Open Source



Ballroom 5 9:0010:30



20 Years of APIs: A RetrospectiveA Few Hidden Treasures in Java 8

Proactive Optimization of Java Workloads in Production Environments

The Java Memory Model for Practitioners



Ballroom B 9:0010:30



Microservices and Conversion Hunting: Build Architectures for ChangeabilityHide Your (NetBeans) Development Environment and Application in a Container

Architecture for Rookies

Improving the Performance of Your Java Application: Getting Beyond the Basics



Embarcadero 14:3016:00 Taming Microservices Testing with Docker and Arquillian CubeLeveraging Java Optimizations to Improve Density in Cloud Environments



Cyrill Magnin II/III 10:3014:30


Reactive Java EE: Let Me Count the Ways!Java EE Application Servers: Multitenant or Containerized? Both!

AngularBeans: A Modern Real-Time Java EE/CDI Back End for AngularJS


JavaOne LiveStream – Watch Here

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