In a recent interview with Red Hatter Mike Peich, the VP commented that, whilst the company remains loyal to its Java roots, looking to the future, it’s increasingly investing in Node.js.

As Peich noted at the Red Hat Forum UKI last month, Node is the fastest growing alternative / complement to Java in the enterprise application space, so it’s no surprise that large companies are clamouring to get on board. Another heavy hitter riding the Node.js bandwagon is Oracle, who have announced that Node.js IDE support  for NetBeans 8.1 will be a “top priority.”

Currently in Beta, NetBeans IDE 8.1 comes is equipped to deal with the latest Java 8 technologies, encompassing Java SE 8, Java SE Embedded 8, and Java ME Embedded 8. It also features a range of new tools for HTML5/JavaScript, and along with the aforementioned Node.js features, also comes packed with add-ons for KnockoutJS and AngularJS. These enhancements also extend NetBeans’ support for Maven and Java EE, and improve PHP and C/C++ support.

As Cameron McKenzie writes over at the ServerSide, whilst it’s nothing new for NetBeans to be stepping up with support for other languages (and when it comes to JavaScript, there’s always been support for browser based technologies via NetBeansbrowser), this is the first time it’s offered support for JavaScript in the backend. This also includes a new Node.js project wizard, Node.js Express wizard, an enhanced JavaScript editor, and support for running and debugging Node.js applications.

Here’s a quick demo of how these features can be harnessed to create, run, and debug a Node.js web server on NetBeans in three minutes:

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in test driving, you can download Node.js 8.1 Beta here.

NetBeans Mean Business with Support for Node.js in 8.1

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