Good news if you’ve been following the progress of MVC 1.0 Reference Implementation (RI) Ozark, and by extension JSR 371, which all sit under the Java EE 8 umbrella  – Ozark Milestone 2 is now available for download.

Before we jump into the details, a quick recap: JSR 371 MVC 1.0 specification is all about bringing an alternative way to apply MVC to the Java EE ecosystem in action-based manner.

For the uninitiated, MVC is a pattern that often crops in web frameworks, and is most commonly used by HTML-based applications. The move to create a standard around MVC  was precipitated by the results of a Java EE community survey, where 60.8% of respondents answered that they believe Java EE should provide support for MVC alongside JSF.

In this case, work has been done to ensure the framework is defined as action-based, meaning that HTTP requests are routed to controllers and turned into actions by application code. It isn’t a replacement for the component-based JSF, but offers an alternate option for building web applications on Java EE. Working on the back of existing Java EE technologies, MVC 1.0 leverages CDI and Bean Validation, as well as JSPs and Facelets.

The official release notes state that this Milestone largely corresponds to EDR2 of MVC – you can find the full details about this here. Milestone 2 has been tested with GlassFish 4.1, and currently only offers partial support for BindingResult as described in the EDR2 of MVC. This means that only validation errors are collected and made available to controllers. It’s expected that the full implementation, with added support for binding errors, will be available in the next milestone.

It’s also possible to download a bundle with a script to whip up a Docker image and use it to start a Docker container. You can find the full JIRA release notes for Ozark Milestone 2 here.


Ozark Milestone 2 Now Available

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  • Bennet Schulz

    If there is anyone who wants to use Ozark M2, use the org.glassfish.ozark maven dependency instead of the one. They changed the groupId but it’s currently not updated. Best regards, Bennet

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