Key-value NoSQL people Basho have been  steadfast in their quest to expand the database reach in the enterprise over the past 12 months. Having launched the Basho Data Platform earlier this year – an amalgamation of existing Riak technologies, including Riak KV (for key value), Riak CS cloud storage, Apache Spark cluster framework, Redis caching, and Apache Solr– the company has made a decisive step towards Internet of Things (IoT) conquest with the launch of Riak TS.

In the same spirit as the Basho Data Platform, which aims to alleviate some of the current stress that comes from managing multiple data management demands in the enterprise, Riak TS offers an integrated solution for aggregating and analysing colossal volumes of sequenced, unstructured data generated from the IoT and other time series data sources. As with other products under the Basho data umbrella, Riak TS can be used as a standalone product, or it can be used within the data platform.

With the steady uptick in IoT data, whether or not you subscribe to the bonkers crazy huge predictions for how much information is going to be sparking off the grid of interconnected things by 2030, there’s no doubt that there’s a pressing need for highly scalable solutions to collect it all. This is especially true when it comes to things like time series data from sensors, which on top of scalability, require zippy and reliable read and write performance. To best accomplish this, data needs to be stored, queried and analyzed together.

For this reason, Riak TS has been designed to both store and retrieve time series data with enhanced read and write performance.Because data is automatically stored in a uniform fashion across the cluster, users won’t need to worry about sharding when adding nodes to their clusters. And given that the software integrates with hot young tech Apache Spark, operational analysis of time series data is relatively easy to perform.

Manu Marchal, VP EMEA for Basho, sees the introduction of Riak TS as a natural progression in the Riak data strategy as the company work to find more ways for dealing with specific kinds of data. And whilst the emphasis in the commercial IoT is largely centered on things like fitness wearables and IP enabled devices in the home, there’s also a strong call for times series data analysis in areas like fintech.

And it’s not just bleeding edge customers that are looking to hook into IoT solutions. In this respect, Marchal comments, “It’s interesting because IoT is much more than what you think. It’s any device generating data – your mobile phones, the games you’re playing on it – any device that you’re on. The amount of IoT data being generated, it’s around everywhere….Every one of our customers is dealing with TS data. ”

Riak TS Offers New Key to IoT Data

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