It’s been a busy year for JetBrains, and they’re drawing it to a close by officially welcoming more JVM languages to the IntelliJ IDEA family. With IntelliJ IDEA 15 making its GA debut earlier this month, Kotlin has officially been welcomed to the fold, along with a number of feature enhancements and better coding assistance.

First envisaged back in 2010, JVM language Kotlin is a JetBrain’s in-house project which has been engineered to run seamlessly on IntelliJ IDEA. It aims to be fully interoperable with Java, whilst ensuring that it stays unburdened by Java’s legacy troubles. And, with its firm focus on end-users, efforts have been made to keep feature lists tight and concise. With IntelliJ IDEA 15, you can try out the newly Beta thanks to an additional plugin, which provides support for the young language out of the box.

Aside from the Kotlin news, which JetBrains have an admittedly vested interest in, the big singing and dancing feature in IDEA 15 is a remodelled debugger, which fully embraces the new features Java 8 brings to the platform with “first class” lambda support. According to the official release notes, users can directly target lambdas when setting breakpoints,running code to cursor or an arbitrary expression, or when stepping into code at the caret. There’s also a new Force return, enabling users to halt method execution and return and specific value requested, allowing for flexible method execution log variance during the debugging process.

“On-the-fly” code duplication detection comes courtesy of a souped up code indexing engine, which, helpfully, is default set to only pop up when duplicated triggered by more than five lines of code. In other time saving features, the improved indexing brings a new “Find in Path” action, which allows users to grab an instant preview of search results whilst they type in the search box.

Other noteworthy updates include the completion of IntelliJ IDEA’s integrations with Git, Mercurial, Perforce, and other version control systems. Spring Boot users will now be able to enjoy automatic Spring facet configuration based on annotations, in addition to improved coding assistance in application.yml,  application.yml and additional-spring-configuration-metadata.json files.

Grails developers will also be pleased to hear that IDEA 15 contains support for Groovy-based web framework Grails 3.x. And, continuing in a Groovy vein, there’s also support for @Builder AST transformation.

For the full release notes, or to dive in to the release, head on over here.


IntelliJ IDEA 15 Branches Out with Support for Kotlin Beta

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