Just in time for Voxxed’s first birthday, we were lucky enough to chat to Mark Reinhold – Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle – at the recent Devoxx BE 2015. In this interview, Reinhold lays out what’s in the pipeline for Java, and why he’s certain the upcoming modular changes to the language don’t necessarily signal the Javapocalypse. Java 9 is certainly going to bring with it big changes for the platform – here, Reinhold explains why Oracle isn’t anticipating the sweeping wave of adoption for this release that were seen with the drop of Java 8. 

We also discuss Reinhold’s student days with Java-father James Gosling, his abiding affection for the Clojure language, and why you shouldn’t expect to see anything significant happening to Nashorn in the future. Filmed at Devoxx 2015.

Mark Reinhold Talks Modularity FUD and the Road Ahead for Java

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