OpenShift is Red Hat’s open source PaaS platform. OpenShift 3 provides a holistic experience of running your applications using Docker and Kubernetes. In a classic Red Hat way, all the work is done in the open source at OpenShift Origin. This also drives the next major release of OpenShift Online and OpenShift Enterprise.

OpenShift 3 using Docker and Kubernetes for container orchestration makes it really simple to bring any products that have a Docker image to run with minimal effort. This blog explains how to get started with Couchbase on OpenShift 3.

OpenShift-logoCouchbase Logo

Getting Started with OpenShift 3

  • Download the latest Vagrant box (1.1 as of this writing) and Vagrantfile from: Copy them in the same directory.Vagrantfile is configured for 2GB memory and can be updated if you need to run more containers. OpenShift Master, Node, Docker Registry, and other components run inside the VM.This blog was written using Vagrant 1.7.4 and VirtualBox 5.0.10r104061.
  • Add the Vagrant Box:
    vagrant box add --name openshift3 
    ==> box: Box file was not detected as metadata. Adding it directly...
    ==> box: Adding box 'openshift3' (v0) for provider: 
        box: Unpacking necessary files from: file:///Users/arungupta/tools/openshiftv3/1.1/
    ==> box: Successfully added box 'openshift3' (v0) for 'virtualbox'!
  • Start the Virtual Machine:
    vagrant up
    Bringing machine 'default' up with 'virtualbox' provider...
    ==> default: Setting the name of the VM: openshift3
    ==> default: Clearing any previously set network interfaces...
    ==> default: Preparing network interfaces based on configuration...
        default: Adapter 1: nat
    ==> default: Forwarding ports...
        default: 80 => 1080 (adapter 1)
        default: 443 => 1443 (adapter 1)
        default: 5000 => 5000 (adapter 1)
        default: 8080 => 8080 (adapter 1)
        default: 8443 => 8443 (adapter 1)
        default: 22 => 2222 (adapter 1)
    ==> default: Running 'pre-boot' VM customizations...
    ==> default: Booting VM...
    ==> default: Waiting for machine to boot. This may take a few minutes...
        default: SSH address:
        default: SSH username: vagrant
        default: SSH auth method: private key
        default: Warning: Connection timeout. Retrying...
    ==> default: Machine booted and ready!
    ==> default: Checking for guest additions in VM...
        default: The guest additions on this VM do not match the installed version of
        default: VirtualBox! In most cases this is fine, but in rare cases it can
        default: prevent things such as shared folders from working properly. If you see
        default: shared folder errors, please make sure the guest additions within the
        default: virtual machine match the version of VirtualBox you have installed on
        default: your host and reload your VM.
        default: Guest Additions Version: 4.3.20
        default: VirtualBox Version: 5.0

Download and Configure OpenShift 3 Client

  • Download Mac 64-bit client tools (`gem install rhc` is for v2 only) from and extract them a in directory. The listing looks like:
    tar xzvf ~/Downloads/openshift-origin-v1.1-ac7a99a-darwin-amd64.tar.gz 
    x ./
    x ./oadm
    x ./kube-scheduler
    x ./kubelet
    x ./kube-apiserver
    x ./openshift
    x ./kube-controller-manager
    x ./kube-proxy
    x ./oc
    x ./kubectl
  • Verify the client version:
    ./oc version
    oc v1.1
    kubernetes v1.1.0-origin-1107-g4c8e6f4
  • Remove `~/.kube/config`or rename to something else.
  • Login to OpenShift:
    ./oc login
    Server [https://localhost:8443]: 
    The server uses a certificate signed by an unknown authority.
    You can bypass the certificate check, but any data you send to the server could be intercepted by others.
    Use insecure connections? (y/n): y
    Authentication required for https://localhost:8443 (openshift)
    Username: admin
    Login successful.
    You have access to the following projects and can switch between them with 'oc project <projectname>':
      * default (current)
      * openshift
      * turbo
    Using project "default".
    Welcome! See 'oc help' to get started.

Create Couchbase Application in OpenShift 3

  • Create a new Couchbase instance:
    ./oc new-app arungupta/couchbase
    --> Found Docker image 9131c5a (2 days old) from Docker Hub for "arungupta/couchbase"
        * An image stream will be created as "couchbase:latest" that will track this image
        * This image will be deployed in deployment config "couchbase"
        * Ports 11207/tcp, 11210/tcp, 11211/tcp, 18091/tcp, 18092/tcp, 8091/tcp, 8092/tcp, 8093/tcp will be load balanced by service "couchbase"
    --> Creating resources with label app=couchbase ...
        ImageStream "couchbase" created
        DeploymentConfig "couchbase" created
        Service "couchbase" created
    --> Success
        Run 'oc status' to view your app.

    `arungupta/couchbase` is used as it uses Couchbase REST API to preconfigure the Couchbase server with:

    • Memory and index quota
    • Query, Data, and Index service
    • Username and password credentials
    • Install `travel-sample` bucket

    This sample bucket will be used later for querying data.

  • Check the status of deployment:
    ./oc status
    In project default on server https://localhost:8443
    svc/couchbase - ports 8091, 8092, 8093, 11207, 11210, 11211, 18091, 18092
      dc/couchbase deploys imagestreamtag/couchbase:latest 
        #1 deployed about a minute ago - 1 pod
    svc/docker-registry -
      dc/docker-registry deploys 
        #1 deployed 4 weeks ago - 1 pod
    svc/kubernetes - ports 443, 53, 53
    svc/router -
      dc/router deploys 
        #1 deployed 4 weeks ago - 1 pod
      * container "registry" in pod/docker-registry-1-imxqp has restarted 5 times
      * container "openshift-registry-proxy-1" in pod/openshift-registry-proxy has restarted 3 times
      * container "router" in pod/router-1-5grim has restarted 5 times
    To see more, use 'oc describe <resource>/<name>'.
    You can use 'oc get all' to see a list of other objects.
  • Find the list of Pods:
    client > ./oc get po
    NAME                       READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
    couchbase-1-5zhju          1/1       Running   0          1d
    docker-registry-1-imxqp    1/1       Running   5          32d
    openshift-registry-proxy   1/1       Running   3          32d
    router-1-5grim             1/1       Running   5          32d
  • Get more details about the Couchbase pod:
    ./oc describe po couchbase-1-5zhju
    Name:				couchbase-1-5zhju
    Namespace:			default
    Image(s):			arungupta/couchbase@sha256:9131c5a283d79e11b6556c94b0b0f8ceba7daf5ba5982bac850100099019959f
    Node:				localhost.localdomain/
    Start Time:			Sat, 19 Dec 2015 08:19:31 -0800
    Labels:				app=couchbase,deployment=couchbase-1,deploymentconfig=couchbase
    Status:				Running
    Replication Controllers:	couchbase-1 (1/1 replicas created)
        Container ID:	docker://bd51f655c2a54f92f4634b84f455ca91642a88b925be39126f07df43ce883a33
        Image:		arungupta/couchbase@sha256:9131c5a283d79e11b6556c94b0b0f8ceba7daf5ba5982bac850100099019959f
        Image ID:		docker://c9d204bb75427500ef94263f8f53e8b78f2e56efd37543e620aebb1bc1bd7de1
        QoS Tier:
          cpu:		BestEffort
          memory:		BestEffort
        State:		Running
          Started:		Sat, 19 Dec 2015 08:20:21 -0800
        Ready:		True
        Restart Count:	0
        Environment Variables:
      Type		Status
      Ready 	True 
        Type:	EmptyDir (a temporary directory that shares a pod's lifetime)
        Type:	Secret (a secret that should populate this volume)
        SecretName:	default-token-cycb6
    No events.

Query Couchbase Sample Bucket

  • Log into the Vagrant box:
    vagrant ssh
    Last login: Wed Nov 18 18:04:32 2015 from
    [vagrant@localhost ~]$
  • Find a list of all the running containers:
    [vagrant@localhost ~]$ docker ps
    CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                                                                                                  COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                    NAMES
    bd51f655c2a5        arungupta/couchbase@sha256:9131c5a283d79e11b6556c94b0b0f8ceba7daf5ba5982bac850100099019959f                            "/ /opt/"   7 minutes ago       Up 7 minutes                                 k8s_couchbase.f96da262_couchbase-1-5zhju_default_48e953db-a66c-11e5-8a75-080027c5bfa9_31dbcfec
    8e5ef3e54d4e        openshift/origin-pod:v1.1                                                                                              "/pod"                   8 minutes ago       Up 8 minutes                                 k8s_POD.d7dfee57_couchbase-1-5zhju_default_48e953db-a66c-11e5-8a75-080027c5bfa9_b1bcd72d
    0f7807f389d9        openshift/mysql-55-centos7:latest                                                                                      "container-entrypoint"   15 minutes ago      Up 15 minutes                                k8s_ruby-helloworld-database.448eeefe_database-1-w51ix_turbo_91adac2f-8d66-11e5-bf15-080027c5bfa9_74ecdc59
    077a078e00a3   "container-entrypoint"   16 minutes ago      Up 16 minutes                                k8s_ruby-helloworld.88353f9f_frontend-2-1lm99_turbo_42a6dd40-8d67-11e5-bf15-080027c5bfa9_d5110e41
    e2105f2f4ab6        openshift/origin-haproxy-router:v1.1                                                                                   "/usr/bin/openshift-r"   16 minutes ago      Up 16 minutes                                k8s_router.c3a638e8_router-1-5grim_default_cac8c2d2-8d63-11e5-b835-080027c5bfa9_9d49a633
    b98052109d08   "container-entrypoint"   16 minutes ago      Up 16 minutes                                k8s_ruby-helloworld.88353f9f_frontend-2-hdz43_turbo_46657993-8d67-11e5-bf15-080027c5bfa9_f6394539
    646dcce91f59        openshift/origin-docker-registry:v1.1                                                                                  "/bin/sh -c 'REGISTRY"   16 minutes ago      Up 16 minutes                                k8s_registry.35eb136e_docker-registry-1-imxqp_default_cb3dde6e-8d63-11e5-b835-080027c5bfa9_71586c07
    d02c8c07f690        openshift/origin-registry-proxy                                                                                        "sh -cx '/bin/tcppm -"   16 minutes ago      Up 16 minutes                                k8s_openshift-registry-proxy-1.a0457375_openshift-registry-proxy_default_767fcb12-8d64-11e5-bf15-080027c5bfa9_4c413a10
    23267082944f        openshift/origin-pod:v1.1                                                                                              "/pod"                   17 minutes ago      Up 16 minutes                                k8s_POD.d982fd5f_database-1-w51ix_turbo_91adac2f-8d66-11e5-bf15-080027c5bfa9_8fc2969f
    bd7f82a88cb1        openshift/origin-pod:v1.1                                                                                              "/pod"                   17 minutes ago      Up 16 minutes                                k8s_POD.e127fd63_frontend-2-1lm99_turbo_42a6dd40-8d67-11e5-bf15-080027c5bfa9_3f73ddf8
    d2ca01d75a0c        openshift/origin-pod:v1.1                                                                                              "/pod"                   17 minutes ago      Up 16 minutes                                k8s_POD.4d0ddc3f_router-1-5grim_default_cac8c2d2-8d63-11e5-b835-080027c5bfa9_036343da
    5e25f5ba5c4c        openshift/origin-pod:v1.1                                                                                              "/pod"                   17 minutes ago      Up 16 minutes                                k8s_POD.e127fd63_frontend-2-hdz43_turbo_46657993-8d67-11e5-bf15-080027c5bfa9_122e502e
    7c4b2b9e6c39        openshift/origin-pod:v1.1                                                                                              "/pod"                   17 minutes ago      Up 16 minutes                                k8s_POD.cc3ffd58_docker-registry-1-imxqp_default_cb3dde6e-8d63-11e5-b835-080027c5bfa9_0ae24ed7
    85c4cf8d0808        openshift/origin-pod:v1.1                                                                                              "/pod"                   17 minutes ago      Up 16 minutes>5000/tcp   k8s_POD.c686fded_openshift-registry-proxy_default_767fcb12-8d64-11e5-bf15-080027c5bfa9_04225f94

    Search for Couchbase container:

    [vagrant@localhost ~]$ docker ps | grep couchbase
    CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                                                                                                  COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                    NAMES
    bd51f655c2a5        arungupta/couchbase@sha256:9131c5a283d79e11b6556c94b0b0f8ceba7daf5ba5982bac850100099019959f                            "/ /opt/"   7 minutes ago       Up 7 minutes                                 k8s_couchbase.f96da262_couchbase-1-5zhju_default_48e953db-a66c-11e5-8a75-080027c5bfa9_31dbcfec
    8e5ef3e54d4e        openshift/origin-pod:v1.1                                                                                              "/pod"                   8 minutes ago       Up 8 minutes                                 k8s_POD.d7dfee57_couchbase-1-5zhju_default_48e953db-a66c-11e5-8a75-080027c5bfa9_b1bcd72d
    0f7807f389d9        openshift/mysql-55-centos7:latest                                                                                      "container-entrypoint"   15 minutes ago      Up 15 minutes

    Get the id for our container:

    docker ps | grep arungupta/couchbase | awk '{ print $1}'
  • Get IP address of the Pod where Couchbase server is running:
    [vagrant@localhost ~]$ docker inspect --format '{{ index .Config.Env 6 }}' `docker ps | grep arungupta/couchbase | awk '{ print $1}'`
  • Use the IP address shown above to start Couchbase Query CLI:
    [vagrant@localhost ~]$ docker run -it arungupta/couchbase /opt/couchbase/bin/cbq -engine=
    Unable to find image 'arungupta/couchbase:latest' locally
    Trying to pull repository ... latest: Pulling from arungupta/couchbase
    62baed0d0de5: Already exists 
    39387babd60f: Already exists 
    6a2bc8404be0: Already exists 
    bad926a6fb50: Already exists 
    1a86c4c907e0: Already exists 
    32132a7c82e9: Already exists 
    646c3d5ebb71: Already exists 
    864cbabd77ad: Already exists 
    8c327c6d4e43: Already exists 
    8592c697ab61: Already exists 
    7734f4a832d4: Already exists 
    35edb38ebc17: Already exists 
    99f3eb6fb46f: Already exists 
    91e5fad693c2: Already exists 
    0cb81f5cc79b: Already exists 
    ec58df60a109: Already exists 
    c9d204bb7542: Already exists 
    Digest: sha256:9131c5a283d79e11b6556c94b0b0f8ceba7daf5ba5982bac850100099019959f
    Status: Downloaded newer image for
    Couchbase query shell connected to . Type Ctrl-D to exit.
  • Query the sample bucket:
    cbq> select * from `travel-sample` limit 1;
        "requestID": "a7bd414a-c571-4b22-8c81-30512b87730d",
        "signature": {
            "*": "*"
        "results": [
                "travel-sample": {
                    "callsign": "MILE-AIR",
                    "country": "United States",
                    "iata": "Q5",
                    "icao": "MLA",
                    "id": 10,
                    "name": "40-Mile Air",
                    "type": "airline"
        "status": "success",
        "metrics": {
            "elapsedTime": "123.799956ms",
            "executionTime": "116.882044ms",
            "resultCount": 1,
            "resultSize": 300


This blog shows the very basics of getting started with Couchbase on OpenShift 3. Future blogs will show:

  • How to deploy an application to OpenShift and use this Couchbase
  • How to make this application accessible outside OpenShift
  • How to scale Couchbase in OpenShift
  • Possibly some other interesting items that come along

Do you have a suggestion on what you’d like to see?

Read more about Couchbase 4.1:

Couchbase on OpenShift 3

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