Azul Systems – vendors of 100% Java and JVM-centric builds  with fully supported, standards-compliant Java runtime solutions have just push out the latest build for enterprise JVM offering Zing, version 16.01. Along with enhanced monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities and some Cassandra targeted improvements, this release offers a big leap in pauseless heap memory, bumping up to 2TB.

Zing is designed to be a super scalable Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for enterprise applications and systems that require any combination of consistent low latency, high transaction rates, high scalability or large in-memory data structures.This leap to 2TB represents a doubling of Zing’s previous capabilities, allowing applications to slurp up all available memory in large servers without causing problems to their flow of Java. As well as making for a better end-user experience, this update greatly enhances the capabilities of Java-based in-memory computing implementations.

Azul explain that, whilst legacy JVMs can be prone to Garbage Collection (GC) pauses, resulting in slow or unpredictable response times, lost revenues and missed SLAs, applications running on, newly expanded Zing can deliver consistent performance and improved reliability by avoiding GC pauses while making more in-memory data available without database or I/O overhead.

Distinguished Analyst at 451 Research John Abbott comments, “Now that multi-TB servers are readily available, Azul is making it possible to capitalize on the latest generation of hardware without requiring Java Based applications to be chopped up into small 4-12GB instances.”

Along with the new in-memory capabilities, Zing’s optimisations for NoSQL database Cassandra 3.0 comprise a 50% more efficient CRC32 implementation that delivers better performance in some workloads. There’s also new functionality to lower operating costs, including MXBean notifications that eliminate the need to poll for key metrics and enable subscriptions to specific events and notifications based on user-defined thresholds.

If you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, you can request a free trial of Zing 16.01 here.


Azul Doubles Down on Memory for Java Applications

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