NetBeans simplified out-of-the-box experience is really nice and intuitive. That’s why it continues to be my favourite IDE!

This morning started a new Coffee on Couchbase webinar series. It will build a NetBeans plugin for Couchbase. This multi-part webinar series is going to be a discussion with Geertjan Wielenga (@GeertjanW, my esteemed friend and NetBeans PM) and Eben Haber (@ebenhaber, Couchbase Tooling Architect).

As part of this series, you’ll also learn how to build a NetBeans plugin from scratch and learn the awesomeness behind NetBeans platform.

The recording from part 1 is now available:

Part 1 covers:

  1. GitHub repository for the plugin
  2. Started a new NetBeans plugin – discussed Ant vs Maven approach for starting a plugin
  3. Couchbase node configured in NetBeans

All the code is evolving at:

For now, the plugin can be built and reloaded in a new or current instance of NetBeans. You’ll see:

NetBeans Couchbase Plugin Part 1

NBMs will be released going further.

Let us know by filing bugs on features that you’d like to see in this plugin.


NetBeans Plugin for Couchbase: Part 1 – Coffee on Couchbase

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