Developer productivity pedants ZeroTurnaround have just pushed out the version 3.0 of XRebel – a  profiler for Java web applications. Acting as a browser widget, XRebel is capable of simultaneously profiling application servers. It also raises issues with slow requests and over abundant IO, allowing developers to speedily hunt out the root cause of their issues.

Although traditionally use of profilers tended to be the province of a few expert team members, XRebel was at the vanguard of a new generation of tools which extended these capabilities to the entire development pool. It runs quietly in the background most of the time, flagging any performance issues as they arise, even if there’s been no discernible slowdown in development for the user. This visibility is also extending to coding metrics, which will be exposed as you go, allowing any issues with changes along the way.

Keeping with the current vogue for distributing all the things, XRebel has now been fitted with some microservice profiling capabilities. ZeroTurnaround define microservices as essentially suites of small services which autonomously run their own process and communicate with lightweight mechanics. With XRebel 3.0, you can profile transactions involving multiple microservices on applications communicating via HTTP.

The zeitgeisty new addition also allows for application profiling, meaning you can inspect slow requests and find methods that affect transactions, and discover which part of the end-to-end transaction contributes the most to the latency.

On the data side, XRebel 3.0 gives you an overview of database activity, allowing developers to spot methods which are performing too many queries. You can also use the tool to find hidden exceptions, as well as any exceptions thrown during remote execution of transactions.

If you’d like to have a play yourself, grab a trial here, or read about all the useful bells and whistles in the user manual.

XRebel Gets in Shape for Microservices

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