JHipster, a stylish Yeoman generator which can be used to create Spring Boot and AngularJS projects, is now officially at 3.0 status. This marks the first major update for the open source tool since January 2015.

In this release, the distance you can go down the stack with JHipster when compared to version 2.0 has been extended. According to the official blog, JHipster 3.0 is capable of generating a full microservices architecture, configuring microservices, routers, service registry and monitoring as easily as  when “generating a standard “monolithic” application, but it now works for huge mission-critical, distributed systems.”

When users get JHipster up and running, they’ll be given the choice of generating either a monolithic architecture, or microservices. Although there will no doubt be some enthusiasm for its new microservice capabilities, on the whole, JHipster recommend working with monolithic applications if you don’t have a specific reason not to, as these tend to be simpler to work with. For this reason, “monolithic” is the default option.

In a similarly trendy vein, you can completely generate infrastructure with Docker and Docker Compose. This enables developers to run and test complex microservice architectures on laptops, and deploy them on as they see fit. What’s more, services can be scaled “with one single command.”

Other changes include a migration to Gulp.js, rendering Grunt obsolete for JHipster. There’s now support for JSON Web Tokens for security, replacing the homebrew “xauth tokens,”  and changes to the way in which applications are packaged.

You can get acquainted with all that’s new in JHipster 3.0 and find out how to upgrade here. Or, if you’d like a full intro to this happening bit of kit, watch this talk by a suitably nattily attired  Matt Raible, filmed at Devoxx 2015.


Achingly Cool JHipster 3.0 is GA

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