JavaScript task runner Grunt, which has quickly become a popular bit of software for JavaScript task automation in an increasingly crowded space, has now officially reached version 1.0.

There are a few changes with Grunt 1.0. With this latest release, versions of Node.js 0.8 and beyond will no longer be supported. Other changes include updates to peer dependencies, a new repo to encourage the community to get more involved in moulding and pushing it forward, a hopefully help to expedite the process of getting community contributions into future releases, as well as updates to npm scripts. grunt-cli now comes installed as part of the software, meaning users can skip over the step of npm install grunt-cli -g. According to the official blog, peer dependencies will no longer be installed for users as of npm@3 – users of Grunt plugins will need to use npm install grunt –save-dev alongside any Grunt plugin install.

Further changes to Grunt 1.0 include controls to prevent multiple asynchronous callback attempts, updates to removed duplicate BOM strip code, and alterations to ensure a Grunt bin is created upon installation. Finally, the team advise that there have been some updates to APIs which could potentially cause some breaking changes – notably with CoffeeScript 1.10.0, which could throw up some issues when using the language alongside plugins and Gruntfiles. 

If you’d like to learn more about JavaScript packet management with NPM, Bower and Grunt, we thoroughly recommend checking out this excellent tutorial by Roberto Cortez. You can can find all the relevant documentation for getting started with Grunt 1.0 here.

Elsewhere on planet JavaScript, there have been ongoing rumblings from last month’s NPM debacle, which saw the rapid toppling of 1000’s of projects in the ecosystem thanks to one developer’s hasty removal of 17 lines of code. NPM subsequently took the unprecedented step of republishing the code, and has since instituted rules decreeing that developers may no longer automatically un-publish an open-source module if the package is older than 24 hours.


JavaScript Task Runner Grunt Reaches 1.0

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