JavaOne has drawn to a close, but not without a few more attention-grabbing announcements. Last Thursday started with the JavaOne community keynote. The biggest news was from John Duimovich, Java CTO and IBM Distinguished Engineer: IBM’s SDK for Java is going to be open source.

Open source IBM SDK

(The slides are here, copyright IBM 2016).

The reaction on Twitter was overwhelmingly positive. However inevitably, there were comparisons with Oracle and their latest developments with Netbeans and delays to Java 9.


IBM to continue to support

IBM will provide long term support of the SDK and offer a quick response for any problems. The hope is that by making the SDK open source, more community members will get involved. They will hopefully have a much faster response and development time. This is good news for any IBM i operating system users concerned about the security vulnerabilities in IBM Java SDK.

IBM Watson

At Devoxx UK 2016, Devoxx founder Stephan Janssen and IBM Watson liaison Sandhya Kapoor announced a collaboration to build a cognitive search engine drawing from Devoxx and Voxxed resources. They aim to index the content and do some smart, deep questioning for a prototype.

The team comprises of Daniel De Luca (who runs the Devoxx4Kids global effort),  Jim Weaver (from Pivotal), Sandhya Kapoor and Stephan Janssen. In the community keynote they presented a brand new demo using IBM Watson services.


The prototype focuses on a conversation app that allows you to ask simple questions. They use the Retrieve & Rank service, using the Apache Solr mechanism: it allows them to feed in thousands of documents and questions, and learn the system to map the questions to the best answers. That is the first level, the second uses IBM Watson Speech2Text.
The plan for the next steps are to replace the NAO with a Pepper robot, and show the actual conversation API interaction. The team would also like to display what Watson actually hears when doing SpeechToText.
According to Stephan Janssen: “Next to that I’d like to do a multi-language conversation with the robot – but this Watson feature might not yet be available by November. Developers are really appreciated.”

Ending on a high

It has been an interesting week in the javasphere. The community keynote ended on a high. Overall there was positive atmosphere of the Java community having fun on stage, with James Gosling revealed as Code Vader and also (spoiler alert) the father of Duke.

JavaOne Community Keynote: IBM to open source Java SDK

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