After Devoxx BE newcomer Hubert Sablonnière gave one of the top rated sessions (Make CSS Fun Again with Flexbox!), we talked to Dan Allen and himself about their partnership. In a series of interviews, we delved into how to craft engaging content, starting with some fresh approaches that combine software development techniques with fiction, script writing and custom tools.

Mentoring, pairing and new ways to write talks

Content as an application

Can we develop content, books, documents, etc, in the same way we develop applications?

Standing out as a speaker

After 4 days “the talks start to look the same” – how do you do something different to make your talk stand out? Playing Lemmings during a JWT talk, anyone?

Custom tools to control the flow

“Most speakers use their keyboard, which I think is bad because you have to stand behind the computer.” What are the other options?

Filmed at Devoxx BE 2016.

Interview: Crafting Standout Content

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