Last week Gluon and Pivotal announced a collaboration, so apps created with Gluon Mobile can interface with Gluon CloudLink on Pivotal Web Services.

Pivotal Web Services is a platform that allows you to deploy and manage applications, using the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI). Once using PWS, there is a marketplace that allows users to add-on services like data persistence, caching, messaging etc. Gluon CloudLink is now available as one of those services.

CTO of Cloud Products at Gluon Johan Vos said: “Many developers are currently using the Pivotal Web Services to create Java Enterprise services. We are excited to offer Gluon CloudLink as a service in the PWS marketplace and allow those developers to easily extend their enterprise functionality to mobile applications.”

Gluon CloudLink

Gluon CloudLink is a Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS). This is a model that allows web and mobile app developers to link applications to backend cloud storage, via a unified API and SDK. It provides a unified means of connecting apps to cloud services, so backends don’t need to be redeveloped for each service app’s requirements.

It manages persistent storage of data and users – with real-time synchronization. Authentication can be managed using social medial or using custom connectors. Gluon Mobile can be used to create mobile Java apps that interface with Gluon CloudLink applications on PWS.

Gluon Mobile

Gluon Mobile is a client-side library and development tool. Gluon Mobile provides UI controls and handles communication with the server – this is Gluon CloudLink.

gluon mobile and cloudlink


It allows you to write JavaFX applications for different platforms (Android, iOS and desktop).

Gluon Mobile Tooling

For more information on how to get started with Gluon and sample apps, see the documentation and Gluon Mobile JavaDoc.

Where will this head?

With Gluon already providing a platform that allows a write-once-run-anywhere approach to mobile development, linking it to the cloud is the next logical step. Gluon Mobile allows Java 9 functionality in mobile platform applications, leveraging OpenJDK to get the latest versions of Java. Now it is easier for cloud-native app development. Gluon CloudLink is automatically notified about changes in data on connected clients, and enables enterprise components to talk with Gluon CloudLink as if they were communicating with mobile devices. This reduces the change of dropped connections and interrupts.

Pivotal partnering with Gluon to provide this on the PWS marketplace is a huge endorsement, and combined with the cf CLI, should make development that bit easier.

Towards the seamless integration of mobile apps in the cloud

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