“Essentially if you look at the design criteria, those are 40 years old. You look at the same things over and over again, repeated by different people. But its essentially the same …the separation of concerns, open and closed principle, coupling versus cohesion. Always the same ideas…  its just that this time, we change the boundaries… [to] something that has a technical deployment style, runtime modelling.”

How do you design microservices with usability in mind, and what does it mean to design from the UI-down? We interviewed co-founder and principal consultant at innoQ Stefan Tilkov at Devoxx Belgium 2016.

Wait, What?

“Microservice API styles, service lookups, datastores, scaling – all of our typical discussions about microservices seem to be centered around backend topics. But what about the user interface? How are we supposed to structure what is arguably the most important part of our applications – the one facing our users? In this session we’ll explore the role of the UI aspect in a microservice architecture, look at various methods of modularization, and derive a set of guidelines for avoiding monolithic frontends.”


The Role of the UI in a Microservice Architecture

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