What’s new and what’s next for Docker, and who should use it? Last week, Docker 1.13 was released, introducing improvements to the service API and swarm mode. We interviewed member of technical staff at Docker, Patrick Chanezon, at Devoxx Belgium 2016.

Patrick gave two talks at Devoxx Belgium 2016: a University session on Nuts and Bolts of Docker and a look ahead to future releases in “Docker for developers and ops: what’s new and what’s next”, below.

Nuts and Bolts of Docker

Docker is the developer-friendly container technology that enables creation of your application stack: OS, JVM, app server, app, database and all your custom configuration. So you are a Java developer but how comfortable are you and your team taking Docker from development to production? Are you hearing developers say, “But it works on my machine!” when code breaks in production? And if you are, how many hours are then spent standing up an accurate test environment to research and fix the bug that caused the problem?

Docker provides PODA (Package Once Deploy Anywhere) and complements WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere) provided by Java. It also helps you reduce the impedance mismatch between dev, test, and production environment and simplifies Java application deployment.

This workshop/session explains how to package, deploy, and scale Java applications using Docker.

Docker for developers and ops: what’s new and what’s next

The Docker open source projects moves very fast, with a release every 2 months. In June, with Docker 1.12, we introduced orchestration features in Docker. In November for Devoxx BE, we should be close to 1.15 and many new feature will probably have been introduced. This talk will be about what’s new in Docker, and what’s next on the roadmap at that time, with examples and hands-on demos.




The best use cases for Docker

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