A Java 8 baseline, Reactive Programming support, and going to the next level: we talked to Rossen Stoyanchev and Brian Clozel about what new features we can expect with Spring 5, and the collaborations and challenges in creating them.

To see some of the Spring talks at Devoxx Belgium 2016, see below:

Reactive Web Applications with Spring 5

The Spring Framework and the Reactor teams have been busy working on support for reactive programming models over the last 2 years. By the end of this year Reactor 2.5 will be GA and Spring Framework 5 will have a release candidate. This talk will explain the major paradigm shift that’s taking place and demonstrate what is arguably one of the most consequential additions to Spring Framework 5.

Developing Reactive applications with Reactive Streams and Java 8

S√©bastien and Brian promise one thing here: you’ll leave that room with a good sense of what’s reactive programming, where the Reactor project fits into the ecosystem, and how to use a reactive API in concrete, real-world use cases (web application calling external web services, mobile backend, big data).

Coming up in Spring 5

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