For the first time, Devoxx is crossing the Atlantic and will be in San Jose 21-23 March for the inaugural Devoxx US. We interviewed Program Committee Chair Stephan Janssen about curating the content for Devoxx’s US debut.


Devoxx US is the first Devoxx to cross the pond – causing a surge in interest and a huge number of submissions to the CFP. How did you and the Program Committee find choosing this year’s speakers?

It helped that we assembled an All Star Program Committee with tons of conference experience including speaking at numerous (international) conferences.

The team reviewed 775 proposals. Each track lead selected a well balanced list of presentations based on the CFP ratings and community Golden Ticket reviews – while trying to avoid too much content overlap and creating an interesting storyline for each track.

Devoxx is “From developers For developers.” As a result we also select respected developers within our community, including Java champions and known rock star speakers. Devoxx is our “party” and it should also feel like that when attending.

Are there any talks in particular to look out for?

We have some very interesting keynotes scheduled with Janelle Klein opening Devoxx on Tuesday. She was recommended by Matt Raible.

Having Chet Haase as our MC will be undoubtedly be an experience  🙂

I’m of course also looking forward to the reunion of the JavaPosse during the closing keynote podcast recording on Thursday afternoon.

We have some very interesting AI keynotes on Thursday morning with Olivier Gevaert (assistant professor at Stanford University) and Brian Kane talking about his Billy Bass Alexa hack.

I’ll be sitting in the front row during Adam Gibson‘s conference talk, founder of and creator of Deeplearning4j.
Other not-to-miss sessions will of course be the many Java EE 8 related talks by the different JSR spec. leads, including Linda DeMichiel, the specification lead for the Java EE Platform!

Devoxx US has over a 150 speakers, luckily you wont have to miss any sessions because all of the conference talks will be recorded.

Do you think Devoxx US will have a different feel content-wise from the other Devoxx conferences, being in the heart of Silicon Valley?

Content-wise it’s definitely a Devoxx. Our mantra has always been “Content is king!”. Many Devoxxians (conference speakers and attendees at Devoxx) have already spoken at previous Devoxx events during the 15 years we’ve been running these events.

But we always welcome local talent – and there is a lot in Silicon Valley!

As a conference veteran, do you have any tips for attendees in getting the most out of the conference?

1) Make sure to schedule your favourite talks/speakers the week before.
2) Hallway discussions are more important than sessions because you can always watch a missed talk online afterwards.
3) Don’t forget to socialise and network with other developers.
You’re at an intellectual “party” of peers, so don’t forget to bring your extrovert hat  🙂

For more on what to expect, see our interview at Devoxx Belgium 2016:


What to expect at Devoxx US

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