“Tools are fun, tools are sexy. But when you start to get stuck into the tools, you tend to lose focus on the bigger picture.”

How do I start with BDD? What is it? What tools do you use, and how do you talk about BDD?

International thought-leader and expert John Ferguson Smart, and Extreme Programming and Continuous Delivery Consultant Jan Molak give an in-depth talk about BDD to Voxxed at Devoxx Belgium 2016.

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Serenity-JS: next generation acceptance testing for Angular-JS in TypeScript

Are your web tests hard to read and hard to maintain? Does their reporting leave something to be desired? Do you have trouble scaling your test suite? Indeed, these are common issues faced by teams working with automated web tests.

The Screenplay pattern (https://dzone.com/articles/page-objects-refactored-solid-steps-to-the-screenp) presents an innovative answer to these problems, built around readability, reusability and solid design principles. More than just a simple design pattern, the Screenplay pattern represents the next step in writing articulate, declarative tests using a highly expressive DSL.

In this talk we will demonstrate Serenity-JS, a TypeScript implementation of Serenity BDD that lets you test your Angular-JS apps using the Screenplay pattern, and also benefit from the powerful reporting features provided by Serenity BDD. Combining the advantages of Protractor, the expressive Screenplay DSL in TypeScript, and the powerful reporting features of Serenity BDD, Serenity-JS is set to become the tool of choice for your Angular-JS automated testing!

ScreenPlay: the next stage in automated acceptance testing

With ScreenPlay, writing clean, maintainable automated acceptance tests becomes easy even for testers who are relatively new to automated testing.

Learn how to write robust and articulate tests using the Screenplay Pattern, an innovative approach to writing BDD-style automated acceptance tests that are easier to understand, easier to extend and easier to maintain. You will also witness a demonstration of these principles in action, with live coding of Serenity BDD automated tests, and see how Serenity BDD turns the Screenplay tests into living documentation.

While the demonstration will be in Java and will use the open source Serenity BDD library, the Screenplay pattern can be applied to any language or framework.

Behaviour Driven Development with John Ferguson Smart and Jan Molak

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