JFokus2017This year on 6-8 February over 1700 developers gathered in Stockholm to attend JFokus. I only attended the conference part of the session on 7th -8th but there were more lengthy tutorial sessions on the first day. I will try to summarize some of my highlights for you now.

Day one:

The conference had 6 parallel tracks there was a lot to choose from. For the initial kick off there were two parallel keynotes, one about “Crossing the IoT Chasm” by Kevin Hoyt from IBM and another one “Java 9: Make Way for Modules!” by Mark Reinhold. I attended the latter and it was a great overview of what’s coming in Java 9 later this year. Its refreshing to see new major releases of Java coming out every other year and Java 9 comes out really soon.
Nicolai Parlog had a talk titled “Expert Java 8” giving tips on various gotchas with Java 8 Streams API and Optional. After watching this I can definitely say that sometimes it’s easy to shoot yourself in the foot with the most innocent features.

Heinz Kabutz had an interesting and quite specialized talk called “Turbo Charge CPU Utilization in Fork/Join Using the ManagedBlocker”. Most of the problems I usually work on are data bound but this was looking into a CPU utilization which was quite refreshing. If you are interested more you can wait for the talks or read more in his newsletter issue 223:ManagedBlocker.

Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski from Plumbr had a good talk on monitoring title “Deceived by monitoring“. The main takeaway was that certain metrics are not really useful without the business context.

Day two:


The second day for me took off with a great overview by Juergen Hoeller on Spring 5 and all the reactive directions where they are taking the platform. It is really exciting to see the platform evolving in such way.


Mark Reinhold had another talk on “Migrating to Modules” where he did some live coding and explained in more details how to “modulize” an external library that’s was not built for the Java 9 module system.



Mikael Sundberg from Klarna had an awesome overview of problems and solutions he and his team ran into while implementing CQRS and event sourcing.

All the talks will be published soon by the JFokus team so we will try to add some links when that happens.
Overall it was a great conference, having great speakers and an even better crowd. We hope it will continue to take place in the many years to come.


I hate to be ending on a sad note but the first day of the conference a great Swedish professor called Hans Rosling passed away.  He has created so many initiatives in the world and many great presentations, that the conference organizers created a great way to honour him by creating a donation page to cancer research fund. Together with the conference participants, they raised the goal in just a couple of minutes.

JFokus 2017: Java Rock up north

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