Michael Hüttermann is giving an interactive demo at Voxxed Days Bucharest, ‘Visualizing Bintray operations, with the Firehose Event API and the ELK stack, on Docker’. We caught up with him before the talk to ask how he choses his stack and more:


How do you go about choosing the toolchain for your projects?

The concrete stack depends on the requirements, but some tools are often the same. Projects should rely on leading best-of-breed tools in order to gain lot of benefits, including a community around the tools and the ecosystem in general. Often the tools are lightweight and can be integrated with other great tools easily, to make developers’ work even more fun and much more productive.

What are the criteria for a successful Continuous Delivery pipeline?

To make it really rock, the pipeline must reduce the overall cycle time, that is the time a change needs to arrive in production. Besides that, actually, the pipeline should not be a pipeline, rather a doughnut, meaning once the change is in production, both the end user and the technical system give feedback which are basis for further development. Feedback loops should be inherent to the entire pipeline.

Should developers use Bintray instead of other distribution platforms?

These days I very often see Artifactory as the central DevOps backbone for managing all kinds of binaries, being a comprehensive anchor for exchange between development and operations. And I often see Bintray, as a platform to distribute release binaries. Just browse the SaaS offer, and see how many open source projects do host their deliverables there. Just to give you another example use case: In projects based on Maven dependencies, Bintray is even a great choice to completely eliminate coupling with Maven Central.


For more, see Michael’s demo at Voxxed Days Bucharest, and his interview on what to expect here.


Bintray operations, toolchains and CT pipelines

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