How can we constructively approach the problem of diversity in tech? We interviewed Sombra González and Brigitte Hulliger and Voxxed Days Zurich.

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Does Diversity Really Matter?

This will be a visual journey through a controversial topic: gender diversity in technology. Based on our personal experiences working as rara avis software engineers we will be discussing well-known myths and spread cliches – both good and bad – that we had to deal with.

Why is it so hard to have diverse teams, especially in tech and innovation? Is it because we are not able to improve diversity? Or because we don’t know how to improve it? Or maybe, nobody wants to improve it at all?

We will analyze these questions and propose some actions to foster greater diversity, because we think, it does matter!

Does Diversity Reallly Matter? – Sombra González and Brigitte Hulliger

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