Far from being a separate discipline from software development, DevOps incorporates software development along with delivery. At Devoxx UK, Helen Beal is talking about the DevOps Superpattern. We asked her how DevOps came about, and what it means now.


How did DevOps originate? From where?

A Belgian chap called Patrick Debois coined the term on Twitter when he set up the first DevOps Days in Ghent a few years back now.

How has the concept of DevOps evolved?

DevOps is what’s known as a ‘portmanteau’ – essentially the combining of two words, like ‘Brangelina’ if you like! Its roots with Patrick were very much initially about getting IT development and operations teams to work better together. This is thinking about things like Agile System Administration.

Traditionally, those two areas have had separate supporting lines. They are very often physically separated (different sides of the corridors, floors, even different buildings). In addition, they frequently have conflicting goals. Development are all about change, and operations all about stability. Since the world has become increasingly digitised, technology has become more strategically critical for organisations. So this conflict has become more painful. DevOps evolves all the time. Now it really encompasses the whole value stream outside of IT too. My talk is about the DevOps Superpattern which is an attempt to explain where DevOps is at the moment.

What does DevOps mean now?

I will attempt to answer this in my talk – essentially, it’s about optimising the flow between ideation and realisation – removing constraints, friction and making the best bets.

It is important because so many organisations are finding it painful to work in the way that they have traditionally done. DevOps gives us the tools to make change, culturally as well as technically, and ease those pains. It can help organisations be more successful at what they do, whilst keeping their humans happy.

Anyone with an interest in DevOps should attend – wherever they or their organisation is on their journey.


For more, see Helen’s talk at Devoxx UK:


The DevOps Superpattern

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