At a time where everyone is worried about the technological singularity, the advent of machines, and the takeover of the world by the connected fridges… a complete field of computer science struggles and resists with all its forces to prevent the end of the world. This field, that absolutely needs to avoid the perfect AI to survive, is the video game industry…

A quick retrospective on Artificial Intelligence used in video games, or, how the “fun” can only come from wonky AI.

Laurent Victorino

Natural born curious, gamer, and dreamer, I always loved to smash my keyboard randomly waiting for cool things to happen. Even if I made a lot of different stuff back then, I decided very early that my professional life would be full of video games. I worked several years on AAA console games for big publishers. Now I’m making my way as an independent with my own company Monkey Moon.

As I try to be a bit more than a code monkey, I love talking about video game development in places people don’t expect.

Video games: The quest for smart dumbness by Laurent Victorino

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