The most challenging aspects to software development are always the people issues. Picking the right data structures, finding the right testing approaches are simple compared to building an effective software team. Most organisations fail to support developer promoted into technical leadership roles so where do you go to uncover the secret skills behind this important role?

Patrick Kua presented this session at Devoxx UK 2017, and then joined the Voxxed team for a chat afterwards.

Patrick Kua

Patrick is a Principal Technical Consultant at ThoughtWorks who is normally found leading development teams. He is a conference speaker and author of “The Retrospective Handbook” and “Talking with Tech Leads” and is passionate about bringing a balanced focus on people, organisation and technology.

Geek’s Guide to Leading Teams with Patrick Kua

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- Mark is co-founder of and organiser of Devoxx UK. He is involved in several technical community initiatives, including Outside of work he can be found bumbling around the countryside in his VW camper rediscovering his inner hippie, giving his opinion to anyone who'll listen - and many who won't anyway.

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