Information Security, or InfoSec as it’s often called, is an incredibly narrow field with an astounding number of preconceptions about it. Tell anyone you work in this field and immediately they start thinking of hackers in hoodies, or weird terminology being thrown around by the people even the “nerds in the basement” try to avoid. For the people working in InfoSec it’s far too easy to get trapped in an echo-chamber and grudgingly talk about how “systems would be more secure without those darn users”. It’s time we start to redefine this narrative! Security is a field that needs buy-in from everyone, both inside the business and outside, to truly succeed. No one person is an army and nowhere is that truer than in InfoSec. Building up champions that help spread knowledge is key, and gaining the trust of colleagues and users is paramount to your success when implementing changes to their way of working! Siren Hofvander has spent her career teaching companies how to add security at all layers of the organization, and in that time, has come up with some guidelines to help make it easier for you to successfully do the same.

After her session ‘Security for the masses, how to stop preaching to the choir and get involved!’ at Devoxx UK, Voxxed chatted with Siren more.

Siren Hofvander
Have you seen a fire breathing dragon dual wield my little pony figurines? How about an IT Security employee with a burning passion for keeping users say, security fun and accessible? Siren Hofvander delivers on the latter and strives for the former in her daily job as CSO for Min Doktor. She specialises in building security into the SLDC and firmly believes that security is a task for everyone, not just the hacker elite. She also heads up the Malmö based IT Security group SecuriTea and is an avid forum contributor.

Security for the masses with Siren Hofvander

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