Each year there are opportunities for developers to attend and learn at new Voxxed Days events. Already this year we’ve seen great events brought to Athens and Singapore for the first time.

In November, the newest member of the family takes place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We caught up with one of the organisers, Alex Proca, to find out what you can expect.

After running two really great Voxxed Days Bucharest events, you’ve decided to also organise an event in Cluj-Napoca. Why there?
First reason: we want to spread the knowledge as far as we can in order to develop the whole country’s software developers market. Second reason: Cluj-Napoca is the biggest Romanian tech hub immediately following Bucharest. We had a lot of participants from the Cluj area in our previous editions, and we want to make our highly technical content available to even more people passionate about technology. And the third reason would be that for becoming a Devoxx Romania conference in a few years, we have to show the scale of the Romanian IT market.

Can you tell us about the format of the event?
Like in the previous editions, we will have:
– one keynote
– 18 sessions split into three tracks, and
– two workshops.
The speakers are mainly from abroad and they are going to share their daily experiences in their respective field of expertise.

What topics can attendees expect to hear about? 
Each track will be split into two parts: morning sessions and afternoon session, so that in this way we will be able to accommodate a large number of topics, such as:
– JVM technologies,
– Big data,
– Cloud Computing,
– Web and Mobile,
– DevOps,
– Architecture and Methodologies.
We will also have two workshops that are already decided: one addressing the continuous delivery topic and the other one about AngularJS.

Were there any surprises in the submissions received during the Call for Papers?
We had the pleasant surprise of having homogenous submissions from people all across Europe and even from some distant countries, like India and the United States. We suspect that one of the possible reasons may be that everyone wants to see the beautiful landscape of Transylvania and meet the vibrant developers communities from Cluj-Napoca

What skills or technologies do you think developers should be keeping an eye on this year?
In view of the rising machine learning era, we are, as anybody else, excited about hot topics like artificial intelligence, augmented reality and cryptocurrencies, but we want to be aware that security is also important as IoT technologies become more and more ubiquitous. Data presentation to the final user is another important topic regardless if in the form of web dashboards or content delivered fast to mobile devices.

What do you think attendees will get from attending? 
Similar to the former editions of Voxxed Day, each participant is likely to find something interesting. Usually, after an event like ours an infusion of new ideas is brought back to the workplaces, and the current tasks are carried on with both more passion and some added ideas, “stolen” from other community members.

What was your greatest challenge in selecting the talks and organising the conference?
We had a large list of great talks, but unfortunately we had to settle with only 3 parallel conference rooms, alongside the workshops. So, our greatest problem was keeping only 18 talks from all the great talks that were submitted. We have been also pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and openness of the local developers community.

Voxxed Days Cluj-Napoca takes place on 22nd November. If you are interested in learning more or attending, full info can be found HERE.

Preview: Voxxed Days Cluj-Napoca

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