What does it take to make the machine understand its environment while moving around (or flying)? How to teach a drone to race on its own safely in unfriendly environment? During this talk, you participate in all the stages of this exciting adventure from the first lines of code, through algorithmic struggles up to complete system ready to participate in the drone racing league.


About the Speakers:

Kzysztof Kudrynski

8AM-4PM: Passionate problem solver with 10+ years experience in algorithms prototyping and software design, currently involved in projects related to self-driving cars in TomTom. 4PM-0AM: Loving husband and father of three 0AM-3AM: Enthusiast of technologies of the future including artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual reality. 3AM-8AM: Sleepwalker

Blazej Kubiak

Blazej Kubiak is enthusiast of all aspects of big data processing and all technologies that bring this enthusiasm from dream into reality. Blazej has been working in Tele Atlas and TomTom for eight years and has been involved in many challenging projects related to image and laser data processing. Blazej is one of the authors of automated traffic signs detection systems and bird-eye image mosaic creation tools. Currently he works as Expert Software Engineer in areas of Deep Neural Networks for object detection and recognition.

(Deep) Learning to Fly

About The Author
- Mark is co-founder of Voxxed.com and organiser of Devoxx UK. He is involved in several technical community initiatives, including FindaTechJob.com Outside of work he can be found bumbling around the countryside in his VW camper rediscovering his inner hippie, giving his opinion to anyone who'll listen - and many who won't anyway.


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