Developer interview time again. And today it is my pleasure to welcome Corinne Krych to the series as the first female engineer. She is working in the AeroGear team at Red Hat and in particular on the Swift libraries for iOS. We talked about social authentication via OAuth2 with Swift in iOS and also took a look at securing REST services with Keycloak and how to use the new AeroGear Swift libraries to authenticate against it.

Corinne has been a developer for over 15 years now and never goes too far from coding. She calls herself open minded and curious and likes to try out new stuff and chat about it. As a polyglot developer she is addicted to clean code. You may have meet her at last year’s Devoxx or other user group events, because she likes to share and exchange her ideas. Follow her on Twitter @corinnekrych or read her blog to stay up to date with her latest adventures.

Sit back, relax and get a coffee! Thanks, Corinne for taking the time.