Cloud & Big Data

Trends in the Cloud: Cloud-Based Security

By William Hurley from Astadia Adoption and use of cloud-based software engineering platforms will accelerate in 2017. Teams have been working in the cloud for a few years now, but in 2017, the trend will gain far more momentum as senior engineering staff and service providers realise and document the benefits of cloud-based development gains. Adoption will not be limited to open source or Microsoft solutions as all software engineering tool stacks

App Dev in the Cloud: How To Run JBoss BPM Suite in a Container

Containerized JBoss BPM Suite! I have a series of articles where I explore with you the reasons why application developers can’t ignore their stacks anymore, which refers to the Cloud based infrastructures they working in their daily jobs. This led to my explorations of the possibility to create that Cloud based infrastructure locally as a substitution for the full blown Red Hat Cloud Suite experience. What would be nice I

The Rise of Big Data Streaming

Daniel Cook is speaking at Voxxed Days Bristol about High Velocity Streaming. Frequently I’m asked what all the hype behind this Big Data nonsense is about. To some extent I think dropping the ‘Big’ would get more buy in from developers. Streaming architectures supported by technologies such as Kafka, Storm, Spark and Flink can really scale to the Big in Big Data, however we’re missing the real use case. These

Near real-time Big Data

There is a wealth of data around on public transport. What is the best way to take advantage of it? Alexandre Masselot is giving an introductory talk, exploring some of the on-trend frameworks at Voxxed Days Zurich. We asked him what inspires him, and the importance of near real-time Big Data.   What inspires your talk on Big Data? I’ve been doing this kind of thing since my PhD in

Using a time series NoSQL database

By Stephen Etheridge, EMEA Solutions Architect In today’s increasingly automated world, we rely on vast networks of computers to help us make difficult decisions. We have long since passed the point where humans can manually analyse the vast swathes of data that are factored into each choice. Now even many purpose-built databases are failing to keep up with the scale of data generated by the vast number of IoT sensors

Accessible Machine Learning

Machine Learning is often seen as the exclusive preserve of Data Scientists. Danilo Poccia disagrees. To learn the basics he will be speaking at Voxxed Days Zurich on the 23rd of February. We asked him what makes him think non-mathematicians and scientists can get started with Machine Learning.   Do you think machine learning is accessible to everyone? Do I need a PhD? How easy is it to get started? Machine Learning

Containers, Clusters and Coding: Here’s what’s coming in 2017

By Viktor Farcic, Consultant at CloudBees Everyone talks about containers. It became so huge that we think Docker has existed for a long time. The fact is that it has only started. On the way up… Containers in clusters The significant change will be that 2017 will be focused not that much around running containers but scheduling them inside clusters. Solutions like Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Mesos (just to name

The best use cases for Docker

What’s new and what’s next for Docker, and who should use it? Last week, Docker 1.13 was released, introducing improvements to the service API and swarm mode. We interviewed member of technical staff at Docker, Patrick Chanezon, at Devoxx Belgium 2016. Patrick gave two talks at Devoxx Belgium 2016: a University session on Nuts and Bolts of Docker and a look ahead to future releases in “Docker for developers and

AWS Serverless Lambda Scheduled Events to Store Tweets in Couchbase

This blog has explained a few Serverless concepts with code samples: Serverless FaaS with AWS Lambda and Java AWS IoT Button, Lambda and Couchbase Microservice using AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda and Couchbase Microservice using AWS Serverless Application Model and Couchbase This particular blog entry will show how to use AWS Lambda to store tweets of a tweeter in Couchbase. Here are the high level components:   The key concepts are: A Lambda Function is

Cloud-Native Middleware Microservices with Hystrix Circuit Breaker and Eureka / Consul

Cloud-native microservices offer many benefits. You can develop, test and deploy and maintain independent lightweight services. You can easily combine various technologies, including programming languages such as Java or Go, and tools like integration middleware. However, as you do not build monoliths anymore, ”that complexity has moved and […] increased [to] the outer architecture” as Gartner states. For this reasons, new design patterns have to emerge to solve the challenges