Machine Learning for Developers – Danilo Poccia

What is the terminology of Machine Learning? How can we start using it in our everyday apps and websites? We interviewed Danilo Poccia at Voxxed Days Zurich to ask about his Machine Learning experiences. To see his full talk, see below: Machine Learning For Developers

Combining AI and IoT at home

“What will happen when we will learn how to combine AI, IoT and general tools?” On 2nd March, Karina Popova will answer this question at Voxxed Days Bristol. We asked her where we are with IoT and AI, and what trends we can expect in 2017.   Are we at the stage where we can take advantage of all of the data available from devices in our homes? Or are

Just Enough Code: TensorFlow and Linear Regression

Last week, we looked at TensorFlow and the work of Stanford University researchers detecting cancerous skin lesions. This week we’re going to start looking at machine learning by getting started with TensorFlow. Imagine we have some data, and we expect it to have a linear relationship. Linear Regression is a machine learning technique that tries to find a relationship between input features, or variables, and an output. It applies when

Outsmarting the Smart Meter

A year or so ago, my energy meter at home got replaced with a “smart” one. Smart, in this context, means it periodically sends energy usage data over GPRS to a central registration server. This central service is in turn used by various websites where you can register your meter and they’ll provide you with some nice graphs and dashboards. Although this sounds great, I didn’t feel quite happy with

Machine Learning’s medical strides

There is a surge of interest in Machine Learning. If you aren’t in some way following the tidal wave of interest in the field, you are sure to be both directly and indirectly using Machine Learning in some way: in speech recognition on your phone, products recommended to you on the internet based on your browsing or shopping history, to fraud detection on your bank account. The hype has led

How to build a website that will (eventually) work on Mars

Slobodan Stojanović is thinking about the not so distant future. With plans to colonise Mars, the human race will face a unique set problems. One of them will be interplanetary communication, specifically the internet. Before speaking at Voxxed Days Bristol on the 2nd of March, we asked Slobodan about these challenges. In the future, when the colonies of Mars are surfing the Earth internet, do you think they will use asynchronous

Presentation – TensorFlow and Deep Learning

TensorFlow and Deep Learning – Without a PhD Google has recently open-sourced its framework for machine learning and neural networks called Tensorflow. With this new tool, deep machine learning transitions from an area of research into mainstream software engineering. In this session, we will teach you how to choose the right neural network for your problem and how to make it behave. Familiarity with differential equations is no longer required.

How to build your own self driving car

Self driving cars are becoming increasingly common. But what does it take to build a self-driving car? At Devoxx Belgium 2016, Bert Jan Schrijver shared his experiences in converting a small remote controlled car into an autonomous driving vehicle. We asked what inspired him, what technologies he used and what is next on his list.

Implanting computers in your body

“Elon Musk… he’s been concerned about AI. And he thinks that Artificial Intelligence is basically going to make us inferior, like house pets. And his solution is to implant hundreds of sensors like a mesh network around the brain, intercepting the signals going in and out. Then there will be a kind of API exposing our information, and we can just connect that to AI.” Talking at Devoxx Belgium 2016

Three new JEPs

This week Mark Reinhold submitted three brand new JEPs (JDK Enhancement Proposal). JEP 300: Augment Use-Site Variance with Declaration-Site Defaults JEP 301: Enhanced Enums JEP 302: Lambda Leftovers These proposals are enhancements to the JDK (Java Development Kit) and OpenJDK. A long term roadmap for the JDK projects, a look into what the future of Java might hold. Let’s dive right in and take a quick look on what these