Preparing to Present

How do top speakers prepare before a conference? Previously, we spoke to Hubert Sablonnière after he gave one of the top rated sessions at Devoxx Belgium. Before his debut at Devoxx UK, we asked him how we goes about preparing to present.   How do you go about preparing for presentations? It’s a mix of lots a preparation, self-doubt and last minute rush. Once I know I’m accepted for a

The DevOps Superpattern

Far from being a separate discipline from software development, DevOps incorporates software development along with delivery. At Devoxx UK, Helen Beal is talking about the DevOps Superpattern. We asked her how DevOps came about, and what it means now.   How did DevOps originate? From where? A Belgian chap called Patrick Debois coined the term on Twitter when he set up the first DevOps Days in Ghent a few years

Meet and Greet Duchess

“Duchess helps women to connect and to get the courage to take the next step.” Kim Spiritus is an active member of Duchess, a global organisation for women in Java technology. If you haven’t heard of it before, at Devoxx UK in a few weeks Kim and Regina ten Bruggencate are hosting a BOF: Meet and Greet Duchess: an unconference. We asked Kim about Duchess.   What are the aims

Usability testing

Building a website that works for your users? That’s not normal! Myriam Jessier is talking at Voxxed Days Ticino about how you can be the hero behind the HTML, and make sure your users are happily using your product. We asked her what it’s all about.   What is usability? Usability means making products and systems easier to use for the people that are actually using these products or systems. I

You are not ‘doing’ Agile

“Doing Agile” is no more appropriate than “doing French”: Steve Pitchford will argue at Devoxx UK. Agile is a long-abused term in some businesses, a force for good, and sometimes a force for bureaucracy. We asked Steve what “Doing Agile” is, and why we should stop it.   What is ‘doing Agile’? For me, it’s a cardinal sin of cargo cult proportions! There appears to be constant debate and re-interpretation of “What is

The important questions to ask before you write code

We should talk before we start writing code, and this doesn’t mean just documenting requirements. At Voxxed Days Ticino 2017, Lorenzo Cassulo is giving a talk about … talking. We asked him why we can’t just get our headphones on and start coding.   Who should you talk to before you write code? To everyone who can influence or is influenced by the product outcome off course! Software development is

A Prelude to Continuous Testing

It’s time to move past the nuts of bolts of builds and Continuous Integration (CI) and focus on closing an easily overlooked gap in the age of Agile: the gap between how things should work versus how they actually work. In recent years, a movement has been brewing to do away with Quality Assurance (QA) altogether. The argument is generally that the Agile focus on unit tests guarantees that software

Be kind to beginners

We are all learning, all of the time in the tech industry. Having empathy benefits everyone, especially in a learning environment. Custom-built barriers One day, I went to a JavaScript brown bag (lunchtime learning) session. I don’t particularly like JavaScript, so I thought I should give it a chance. At the beginning of the session, the person leading it said something about “ES6”. I had no idea what this was.

Does Diversity Reallly Matter? – Sombra González and Brigitte Hulliger

How can we constructively approach the problem of diversity in tech? We interviewed Sombra González and Brigitte Hulliger and Voxxed Days Zurich. For the full talk, see below: Does Diversity Really Matter? This will be a visual journey through a controversial topic: gender diversity in technology. Based on our personal experiences working as rara avis software engineers we will be discussing well-known myths and spread cliches – both good and bad

How to sabotage a microservice

David Schmitz is speaking at Voxxed Days Vienna about failure. Specifically, he offering advice on how to fail at microservices, everyone’s favourite buzzword. We asked him for more insights into how this is possible. What’s the quickest way to sabotage a microservice? Good sabotage is not about being quick. You need to be insidious, otherwise you will be found out too quickly. So instead of going fast, I would go