Be kind to beginners

We are all learning, all of the time in the tech industry. Having empathy benefits everyone, especially in a learning environment. Custom-built barriers One day, I went to a JavaScript brown bag (lunchtime learning) session. I don’t particularly like JavaScript, so I thought I should give it a chance. At the beginning of the session, the person leading it said something about “ES6”. I had no idea what this was.

Does Diversity Reallly Matter? – Sombra González and Brigitte Hulliger

How can we constructively approach the problem of diversity in tech? We interviewed Sombra González and Brigitte Hulliger and Voxxed Days Zurich. For the full talk, see below: Does Diversity Really Matter? This will be a visual journey through a controversial topic: gender diversity in technology. Based on our personal experiences working as rara avis software engineers we will be discussing well-known myths and spread cliches – both good and bad

How to sabotage a microservice

David Schmitz is speaking at Voxxed Days Vienna about failure. Specifically, he offering advice on how to fail at microservices, everyone’s favourite buzzword. We asked him for more insights into how this is possible. What’s the quickest way to sabotage a microservice? Good sabotage is not about being quick. You need to be insidious, otherwise you will be found out too quickly. So instead of going fast, I would go

Testing for Unicorns

How do we write tests that are easy to read, easy to write and run quickly? Alex Soto is speaking at Voxxed Days Vienna about how to write better unit tests. We asked him about his libraries of choice, and how to get the most out of tests. What is your preferred Java testing library? This is really a hard question to answer since there are a lot of libraries which

Bintray operations, toolchains and CT pipelines

Michael Hüttermann is giving an interactive demo at Voxxed Days Bucharest, ‘Visualizing Bintray operations, with the Firehose Event API and the ELK stack, on Docker’. We caught up with him before the talk to ask how he choses his stack and more:   How do you go about choosing the toolchain for your projects? The concrete stack depends on the requirements, but some tools are often the same. Projects should

Engineering You with Martin Thompson

In order to be better software engineers, we should revisit not only the fundamentals of design, but also our behaviours and practices. Martin Thompson tells us how at Voxxed Days Zurich. We asked him more about how to engineer yourself. For the full talk, see below: Engineering You

Learnings from 2400 code reviews in 6 months

Patroklos Papapetrou is speaking at Voxxed Days Bucharest about code reviews: specifically what he learnt doing 2400 reviews in 6 months. He is also the organiser of Voxxed Days Athens. Patroklos shared some of his code reviewing experiences with Voxxed.   I did my first “official” code review 5 years ago. I was excited by the idea that I would be able to help others improve their code. However things

Folklore and science of naming practices

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things1. While cache invalidation seems like a very hard problem, naming problem is still underestimated by many professional programmers. In many legacy systems names are chosen arbitrarily. There are even systems where “programmers chose to name procedures after their girlfriends or favorite sportsmen”2. Spotting a bad name is not very hard, but both good and great names

More deadly sins of Microservices

“Many of our clients are in the process of investigating or implementing ‘microservices’, and a popular question we often get asked is “what’s the most common mistake you see when moving towards a microservice architecture?” We’ve seen plenty of good things with this architectural pattern, but we have also seen a few recurring issues and anti-patterns…” After learning the seven deadly sins of microservices from Daniel Bryant, he is back

Reviewing Code Reviews

A tenant of Agile development, code reviews are intended to spot bugs and improve coding style and quality. However they can cause friction and confusion. At Voxxed Days Zurich, Sebastian Greulach is giving a talk “The Truth About Code Reviews“. We asked him why they cause more good than evil.   Why are code reviews important? Oh there are many reasons I can think about. The main for me is