“Avoid exposing unnecessary complexity to developers… [whilst]┬ástill deeply understanding their requirements.”

Founder of Gradle and the CEO of Gradle Inc Hans Dockter talked to us about how medium and large projects can use Gradle to scale their build infrastructure. We asked what is means to scale build infrastructure, how Gradle enables this and where Gradle is going next.

Filmed at Devoxx Belgium 2016.

Elegant Builds at Scale with Gradle 3.0

Hans Dockter’s┬ásession looks at organizations such as Netflix and LinkedIn, and how they scale with Gradle across hundreds or thousands of developers.

It discusses how to solve the challenges of

  • standardization
  • dependency management
  • distributed caching
  • multi-language builds
  • continuous builds
  • working with subsets of large repositories
  • advanced IDE integration
  • build metric analytics
  • and automatic build infrastructure provisioning